Google’s Mysterious Custom Searches

Gothic Google Goth is a special search engine, we all know the famous search engine and millions of people use it every day. It delivers the most accurate queries and in relatively fast time. However, if you are looking for a little twist or better customizations then you have to check Mystery Google Seeker.

First you have to understand that they are two different search engines. The first one which is called Gothic Google Goth has many variations, it can be the regular site but only with darkest theme or it can actually bring you some weird results from the dark side of life, which is much cooler and surprising. Mystery Google Seeker will give you the last results that the person looked for before you used it. For example if you will type “bad credit repair” and the visitor before you has typed “mortgage quotes” than you will see only sites related to the previous keyword. Although it is not very practical it is really fun to play with it and you can even trick your friends with it.

The nature of people is that they are looking for something new. If it is something old then after a while they will lose interest in it. This is why it is very important to keep on developing funny stuff on different platforms that are available on the internet. Google is one of the best companies and sites in the world, there is no wonder why it is so successful, in fact they are so cool that when you say Google you are saying internet.

In the era of massive communication most of our lives are dragged into the digital world, yet few primal instincts that we have still remain the same – we want to explorer psychic mysteries and reveal the secrets of this world. So if you are a real Mystery Seeker you can easily combine it with Gothic Google Goth search engine and see a huge world of strange cases. The knowledge is also a big part of conducting a paranormal investigation and yet the better way to organize all the data is with computers. Some people still prefer the old fashion way because it looks more authentic for them, but still we have to move forward with the technology to be able to discover more mysteries about earth.

Bhavana Lhotia