Google is thought to be the best employer in the world. The tag does not come without a reason. Google is very well known for its employee friendly policies that make sure that every employee feels at home in Google.

Internship openings in Google are advertised on their website. So, if you want to intern with Google you might want to keep checking their website for any kind of updates. The minimum time duration for which Google offers an internship is three months. So you should apply only if you have that kind of time in hand. The logic behind the three month duration maybe that the interns learn as much as possible. Three months is a good time for the intern to get acquainted, and used to, the work culture at Google.

Google assigns to the interns a “host”, an employee of Google, who oversees the works of the interns. This “host” also trains the interns and helps them with new assignments about which they are clueless. This is a nice way of not only training new interns, but also developing leadership and mentoring skills in their employees.

Just like the vibrant work culture that the employees have the privilege of being a part of, the interns, too, are lucky to be a part of a vibrant culture that believes in going beyond the job in order to develop the personalities of all its interns.  If you are one of the lucky few who do get the opportunity to work with Google do not miss it at any cost.