Google “Wave”ing into the World

I was at a conference recently where a session on ‘Innovation’ was being delivered by a Googler (that’s what employees at ‘Google’ are called). He asked a simple question, ‘How many ‘9s’ are there between 1 and 100. All of us shouted different answers almost instantly- ‘9’ or ‘19’ or whatever came to our mind.

He said, ‘Its 20. Cause you forget that the number ‘99’ counts 2 times. That’s what Google is about. Simple logic, and the freedom to innovate around your questions.’ We were amazed at how he explained it.
In terms of latest, science and technological revolutions, Google has been on the forefront in terms of its impact, culture and even profits. It was actually a mistake. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met due to common interests and started with a motive to download the whole of World Wide Web, went on to notice how ‘search’ could be the topmost option for gathering information, and it was just that existing search options were ‘selling’ the ranks in search results rather that giving the user relevant options to their search. And thus began a revolution, which has taken over the World in more dimensions.

The name ‘Google’ comes from the word ‘Googol’ which represents the number, ‘1’ followed by hundred ‘0’s. There isn’t a ‘Googol’ of anything in the world. Not planets, stars or particles.

Google has been unique. Its just done things how they always should have been done. It has always put its customers on first priority. It is extremely ethical and uses freedom and innovation as a strategy. Employees are free to develop and work on their own ideas, and they are given resources and support for the same.
Many organizations all over the world, are now surviving , communicating and growing through Google Products like, G-Mail, G-Talk, G-Maps, Picassa, Orkut, YouTube and many more. The organization I work for has about 80% of the work happening on G-Mail and G-Talk which are E-Mail and Chatting tools made by Google.

The new revolution, which combines everything together is ‘Google Wave’. ‘Wave’ basically puts it all together. More than one users can sit together, chat Live(what you type is being shown simultaneously to the other user) , make a document, edit a picture, explain a map, play a game all in that very moment.
When we communicate through the Google tools, the information we send gets stored in and communicated through a ‘satellite’. What would be a much faster way of communication would be when users virtually exist in the satellite itself, and are communicating directly with each other. In other word communicating,’Live’ with each other. That’s what ‘Wave’uses.

According to the Official ‘Wave’ webpage,, A Wave is equal parts conversation and document, shared by all and Live!

‘Wave’ is still in its developing phase and very few users are being sent invites to use it. But it is what will revolutionise the future. It’s a platform to do just anything, and in the future we can expect the Stock Market, international meetings, development of new organizations happening through Wave itself.Google is now working in making ‘Wave’ usable to organizations and other websites. Right now, the gadgets available are a ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ poll, which can be embedded in a Wave, ‘Maps’ where you can discuss directions, and the ‘Search’ option which procures results directly into the ‘Wave’.

This level of communication has never been achieved before. Its giving this world the power to discuss, measure, create on a Global level.

So not many months from now you would find yourself ‘Waving’ in different dimensions, and who knows, there might be day when half the world will witness all environmental disasters together and realize how Important it is to switch off the lights before you leave the room. Another offshoot of the revolution that ‘Google’ started.

Yes, it’s the future. Find a friend whose got Wave, and ask for an invitation now!

Sugandha Arora

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