Google Whacked

And you thought that the Internet was a vast repository of almost everything that you can imagine. That you could just type almost anything that makes sense (proper nouns excluded) on the Google Search Bar and bingo! It would return you millions of pages in a fraction of second. Well, as it happens to be, you might be wrong – agreed once in a million times may be – but that particular event has caught the fancy of the world now.

When you enter something on the Google Search Bar and it returns only one page, it might seem to be a very ordinary event except that the phenomenon now has a name; it is called being Google Whacked. Put in simpler words, you are Google Whacked if there is a combination of logically cohesive words which when searched through Google Search Engine returns one and only one page – a page created by you and it has so caught the fancy of avid Internet users that they are spending huge amount of time to find more people being Google Whacked.

So Google Whacked and all; but what does it mean?

Google uses a very efficient search algorithm along with the Spider Crawling Technique to index pages. However the pages are ranked (apart from the sponsored pages) according to the number of times they have been viewed. So basically there is nothing that you can do to stand out among those million of pages that Google returns in response to a text. And because only the first few of these pages are generally viewed, your page is lost somewhere among the other millions.

Now, that is something that you would not like to happen to your page; especially if you run a service industry or a promotional campaign in a competitive world as ours where the impact of right promotion can have wonders. Unless of course you actually want to pay huge amount of money and list your page as a sponsored page, you will have to find some technique to ensure that yours is the only page returned. Here comes the possible outcome of being Google Whacked.

Design a set of texts that returns only your page on Google and base your entire promotion on that text. The text should be so chosen that is leaves an indelible imprint on the mind of the consumer. Now let him search the same on Google (as more often than not he will) to find yours as the only page to be returned. And there you are attracting attention without paying anything at all!

At present, this almost seems impossible with no means to generate such pages automatically or no means to verify whether you are Google Whacked except for the pretty ordinary trial and error methods which verily leaves our above discussions trivial but I am sure as I am writing this there are people who are trying to figure out a way to make this happen some way or the other; directly or in some indirect way.

I cannot agree more to the fact that nothing has revolutionized the world of Internet as Google has. And this has largely been due to its efficiency and correctness of search. I wonder if that would be the reason for Google to lose out one day. Its efficiency so manipulated that it stops serving the purpose all together.

Shreetam Subhrankar

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