“There are some things we can’t find, for everything else, there is Google”. Two decades earlier, I would not have dared to say this. When I hear or see kids searching about little things (that matter like the sky to them) I wonder how much satisfaction, how much joy and how much pleasure Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, would be feeling. Searching has got a whole new meaning, a new meaning in the era which has been created, structured and held by Google. With Google spreading its wings beyond searching, it has almost become an integral part of our lives.

Google makes us almost believe that it is inevitable. The cloud of services has seemingly become so large and so humongous that it covers the whole sky “online”. Google has become a one stop solution for everything one wants. With 26,316 employees working towards betterment of the organization, I must say Google is doing more than just providing services; it is helping making lives easier. It takes off some pressure in an otherwise so busy, hectic and stressful life by providing real time results; useful links that cut short the effort that otherwise would have drained us even more.

Having grown to such stature, it was almost predictable that Google would become a means of mass advertisement. No wonder, we have Google ads, where one can publicize by means of Google because Google, as a matter of fact is the most searched page.

Google has become a brand. With continuous evolution of its services, Google has created a world of its own. By means of Google, one can share photos, watch videos on internet, send e-mails, become friends with like-minded people, share interests, get updates about various happenings on one’s mobile phone, blog about things one feels and what not. You name a service and you have it on Google.

Google Earth, which is like a virtual globe, helps you in viewing Earth in three dimensions, 3D. Google maps, another interesting and useful service being offered. One can find the best way to reach a certain destination; can also see the route between two places. YouTube, a service that was purchased by Google, now helps users share and watch videos online.

If the existing services weren’t enough, Google launched its own web browser, Google Chrome, which is amongst the fastest web browsers, and has been amongst the most preferred web browsers yet. If social networking was a domain untouched, Google made sure its presence was felt there as well. And then happened – Orkut, another Google product that remained as one of the best Social networking website for long.

Gmail, Google’s mailing service, is undoubtedly the best emailing service there on the net. For the ones who love to play with images, Google has Picasa, which is more than just a normal photo viewer. One can crop images, add effects and do just as much as a human brain would think. Google has to have some magic, there has to be a reason why so much of the population have Google as the homepage of their web browsers, and the rest use Google Chrome as their default web browser.

Gradually, Google has walked into our lives. We knock at it every day, we peek into its place and it welcomes us with a smile every time. So goes out a note of gratitude towards something that has made our lives so convenient.
Google, Thank You!!

Animesh Ganguly