Google’s Android One To Sweep Over The Indian Market


Like always, Google to the rescue once again. The multi-national corporation has launched a new Android One-powered smartphone in India today. The phone will give the user a high-quality smartphone experience with an internet-user experience like that of any high price-ranged smartphones of Samsung or Google Nexus. However, the phone comes at a price much lower than what these companies have to offer; most probably will be available in the market at the price of rupees 6,400.

Some of the basic features of Android One are:

  • The phone will have a 4.5 inch screen.
  • The phone comes with a dual sim.
  • It has a removable SD cared.
  • As the name suggests, it runs on the platform provided by Android.
  • The phone promises a high-powered internet experience.

After the kind of success shown by companies like Micromax, Karbonn, and LAVA, Google decided to launch the phone first in India where it is expected to do the best in terms of its sale; these companies will therefore be Android One’s major competitors. Google also plans on extending Android One’s market to countries like Philippines, Indonesia and other South and South East Asian countries.

With the kind of brand name that comes with Android One, other successful companies that are dominating the Indian market with the middle class citizens currently are likely to face quite a challenge. Google is known for providing high-value products at an affordable rate, and surely Android One is going to be no different.

Pallavi Sharma

Image Source [Google]