Gossip Girl

Two seasons gone by and a 3rd in the making and I’m still hooked, strange considering how I can predict what happens in almost every other teen drama and leave it behind like a territory conquered. Maybe it is the unpredictability or it is just me and my fondness for watching rich brats wearing designer labels, making a mess of what we might call the perfect life. Everything about their life reeks of extravagance and opulence-from their clothes, shoes, hair to their exclusive apartments and technology-adaptive servants.

Season 1 introduces us to their glamorous and exclusive world. It talks about everybody’s favourite subject that being high school, only in a more elite and elusive way. It is about a private school in New York and its students or should I say adults in teenage bodies. There is nothing they haven’t seen and done. Things like drugs, sex and money are not new to them, yet they manage to get entangled in some complicated concoction of it all, all the time. As if this wasn’t enough there is an unknown person, who calls herself the Gossip Girl and lives up to her name by knowing each and every scandalous gossip of everyone’s lives. If it’s wrong and secretive she is there, there to know it all and spread it around just when it should be buried from the world. These revelations ruin friendships, love and let’s just say lives. It leaves you with a taste of just how living on the Upper East Side is anything but ordinary.

One might think that this hype wouldn’t last till the second season, but not only does it make us rush through every episode in anticipation of what’s next it also makes us long for the third. Season 2 focuses on the last year in high school and gives an insight into what the future could be like. Being in the last year everyone thinks they are going to get rid of the Gossip Girl. Will she, won’t she? If not then what’s season 3 all about.

The main characters are those of Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester, Serena Van Der Woodsen(Blake Lively), Chuck Bass(Ed Westwick), Dan Humphrey(Penn Badgley),Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford),Jenny Humphrey(Taylor Momsen) and Vanessa( Jessica Szohr).Besides the story it is the amazingly good portrayal of the characters by these beautiful people. Before I forget keep your ears open for the superbly witty dialogues, snide remarks and cool abbreviations such as Chair- Chuck and Blair. Also check out the blend of various genre of music featuring as background score. It introduces you to some really uncommon soundtracks, which not only complement the scenes but are also worth listening to afterwards.

The story is about Blair and Serena for the most of it. Blair is the devil trying hard to live the word perfect and depends on Serena her best friend/’Queen Bee’ and a complete opposite. Blair has every detail planned while Serena is casual, fun and unfocused. It mainly revolves around these two friends, the people who come and go and the course their friendship takes .Gossip Girl/GG shows themes that have already been covered but in a more dramatic, exuberant and strangely real way. When I say real I am talking about the situations and their treatment, which is as close to reality as it can be.

I think the reason why we took to this show in the first place was its association with Josh Schwartz, the man behind the ‘It’ show –The OC .The OC on reaching the peak of boredom once into its third season left a void that could only be filled by something grander and that, at least for me, is Gossip Girl. Everything about the show is so custom made and rich. You want to watch it to know what you are missing and once you start there is no looking back. At times it’s almost as if I am a Blair or a Serena some or the other time in the programme. Always looking for something in my life to match theirs. You watch it once and you wonder what would it be like to be them and live that dream and just then your phone rings and you are drawn back to the crushing reality that life is and how it is in no way close to what you want it to be. Till you figure out a way to get there you can download the two seasons or buy the DVDs and be ready for the third season premiering on 14th Septmeber,which can be downloaded for your viewing a day or two later using Bit Torrent…Until next time xoxo….(Gossip Girl’s popular sign off)…

Kritika Tiwari

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