Gravity Connection Oven

Each gravity convection oven generates a unique air flow without the need through perforated stainless steel sheets, or stainless steel shelves to get uniform temperature in the chamber without the need of a fan blowing in the air.

These can be used in hospital/clinical, analytical and industrial laboratory

Let us look at a specific model of a gravity convection oven



Imperial V gravity convection oven is designed for laboratories where accurate temperature control and uniformity of temperature are not important. There are 2 vents of 1 inch diameter on the top and on the floor to enable better natural convectional flow of currents. A 3 inch thick fiberglass insulation is also provided to help maintain the temperature in the gravity convection oven. A gasket and a latched door also prevent the heat from escaping from the gravity convection oven. The controls are in a drawer like fashion which prevents any leakage or spilling to spoil the controls. The interior walls of the gravity convection oven are made of easy to clean stainless steel. Heavy duty cold-rolled steel is reinforced at the stress points.


The gravity convection oven has 2 thermostats to control the temperature within the oven. A mercury thermometer is provided at the top of the oven to give details about the temperature of the gravity convection oven.


An extra adjustable thermostat is provided to prevent any accidents from happening. Which thermostat is in use can be determined by the indicating light.


BRN02386 – $3,167

BRN02388 – $3361

BRN02383 – $2,944

These are generally used for industrial or medical purposes and are really not that advisable for restaurant use. For restaurants its is advisable to use commercial convection ovens or true convection ovens. They are cheaper in prices and work really well for such places.