Greatest South Indian hits in 2011!

  • Super: Futuristic, artistic and crazy! With Super, Upendra returned to what he does best, directing Movies! Upendra brought out his creative genius in this movie! With the use of several symbolic motives, he spelled out the problems that the Country is facing today! With a combination of great script and good acting, the Movie was a must watch last year! Although it was released in December 2010, it impacted the better parts o0f 2011 too!

  • Traffic: The Malyalam hit, ‘Traffic’ portrayed great emotions in a span of merely 2 hours! The performances of Sreenivasan, Anoop Menon and Rahman made this movie an unforgettable!

  • Aadukalm: This Tamil movie which has already been honoured by 6 National Awards and a universal acclaim, Aadukalam is an out an out Dhanush’s acclaim! This volcanic talent’s powerhouse performance claims this Movie to be a must watch!

  • Ko: Ko which means king was a Tamil Box office spinner last year! This was the first mainstream Kollywood movie that impressed the critics! The Movie was not only a combination of a good script and some brilliant acting; it also had some of the best compositions shot at the most picturesque locations! In short a must watch!
  • Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai: This film narrates a very unconventional story yet retains the commercial facets of it! A good combination of a great story and brilliant performances! It really set the bowl rolling for Tamil Cinema very early in the year!