Green Homes

The last decade witnessed the wake from a long peaceful sleep that the generations slipped in, allowing the colors brown and black to further cover the earth’s geographical face. What woke them was evident change; change that is serious, fast, alarming and disturbing. Stuck again in one of the many traffic jams, sweating and swearing, breathing in smoke, frustrated at the sight of an endless queue of vehicles pumping black soot all around; is a situation I’m sure faced by all of us at least once a day. Then for a moment, the thought of what this world is coming to, scares the wits out of us.

The fight has to be by every individual. We are the army in this war against climate change. It’s a world war; only that here the whole world is on a common stance. The first step begins at home. Is it asking for too much from a person to look after his/her own home? If everyone manages only his owned space and obviously not mess others, it doesn’t seem too hard to bring everything back to shape. The concept is Green Homes.

‘A Green building should create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied and regret when departed’ – an inspiring definition quoted in the book ‘Natural Capitalism’. The appearance of a green building will be similar to any other building. However, the difference is in the approach, which revolves round a concern for extending the life span of natural resources; provide human comfort, safety and productivity. The salient features of a green building are: minimal disturbances to landscapes and site condition, use of recycled and environmental friendly building materials, use of non-toxic and recycled/recyclable materials and sources of energy, efficient use of water and water recycling, use of energy efficient and eco-friendly equipment and interiors, indoor air quality for human safety and comfort. In India, CII Godrej Green Business Centre launched green building services in the year 2003. The Centre provides LEED rating facilitation and advisory services to individual homes as well as industrial projects. LEED is a registered trademark by the U.S. Green building council. As of date, several green buildings in India have achieved the LEED rating. Green buildings that are registered include corporate office complexes, IT parks, hospitals, government offices, educational institutions, airports and hotels.

With the growing awareness, the green building movement is well poised to reach greater heights though facing many challenges but presenting tremendous opportunities to the constructors at the same time.

Cities grow, survive and prosper because they attract and retain people and business. Wants in an urban living are surely bloated up and addictive but making a green home is not about sacrificing comfort levels. Green homes offer a better and higher quality of life. In simple words, it’s all about making the spaces inside and outside the house just healthier and more pleasant in all feasible ways.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is the core and yes, the widespread mantra and why not, it’s so right. The easy principals that will make a way of living green.

Don’t just talk and wear green; think, live and spread the concept green.

Karnika Palwa

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