Gremlins in my head

The stars seem to conspire

The hopeful fires burn far away

I can hear the laughing voices

There’s music, food and love

The night under my skin

Smug in its protection

In all this enchantment

I miss you more than ever

The early birds are all asleep

The defiant planet shines down taunting

The billowing curtain glows a-bright

The trees huddle to conclude strategy

The streetlight burns watchful and bored

Night gives cover, night offers magic

The moon this night looks closer than ever

The lonely dog shivers

The owl stares unblinking

The day is somewhere afar resting

Night – under my skin, inside my head

Dark and cold, a quiet breeze

I feel the rhythm of sleeping bodies

I sense the buzzing of wakeful minds

The night takes over – I’m forced to stop.

Mannat S.