Growing Corruption in India

“Praan jaye par vachan na jaye”

Gone are the days when people believed in promises. This is the era where only one thing is common amongst all of us. We all have spoken a lie at least once in our lifetime. Our beloved leaders never dreamt of a corrupt India. They never wished to see such a terrible state of Hindustan. They gave their life fighting for India’s independence not to see her being a major corrupt nation.

What is corruption? Is it a thing to be proud of or is it something that qualifies someone’s status? My question to every individual being is what is corruption? Why after every few days we tend to talk about it? Is it a new beauty mantra?

No, it is not a beauty mantra. In fact it is a shame, a tight slap to each and every one of us. It doesn’t start from him or her, it starts from me. Every particular being alive today plays a conspiracy against each other. We all become prey to corruption. Misleading, lying all suggest that we are corrupt.
Why is it so that every time we focus on the corrupt leaders who’s never ending promise never comes true? Why do we also try to screen what wrong the other is doing? Why don’t we care to see on our side of the court?

Donations for admission, involving into scams all states that money is the sole reason responsible for the worst stage we are in today. Or is it the paapi pate (stomach) that is forcing us to get down into this web. We are ready to beat a person to death who steals but we aren’t ready to do the same with the one who like lice is sucking our blood. We are ready to pass comments from the back of the corner but have no guts to come front and fight. When it comes to fighting we step back. It is only we who are responsible for making are so called leaders or vote gatherers fearless and this is the reason why our country tops the list of corrupt nations. This is the reason why a single individual feels the need to come forward alone and the irony is we march forward to be a part of it . Does this state that we can be motivated only when one takes a stand?

2G scam, Suresh Kalmadi, A Aaja all a superb example to show how corrupt our legal authorities are. Just money and no ethics. From a government high school teacher to a high ranked police officer all a part of this queue.  Where are we going? And when will this stop?

We all should make this very certain that corruption can only be rooted out when we stand up and raise our voice against the wrong. Only when we stop being corrupt, when we mend our ways. It’s all in our hands now we have to decide whether to live the way we are or bring a wave of change.