Growing-up with my Cartoon Friends

Cartoon series are primarily aimed at attracting children and as we all know, almost every child grows up loving cartoons from an early age. Without doubt for children nowadays, cartoons create an indispensable part of their daily lives. However, it is not only children today who like watching cartoons,with the advancements in animation in factmany adults and older people like viewing cartoons as well. Cartoons always have a very appealing and fun storyline so that people just cannot resist the attraction of these funny cartoons.

Then why are so many kids hooked to cartoons? Why do they love the cartoon characters so much? Well,as there are several types of cartoons waiting for people to view and different children just prefer to view different cartoons. Some prefer funny cartoons, which can provide them a lot of fun, some like action cartoons, which can make them feel courageous when they see the hero beat the villains,some children just opt to view cartoons depending on their interests.

A few times when they are watching cartoons, they can find their superheroes in these cartoons. We all know that originally all the most popular Superheroes started their journey into the mainstream from Comic books and onto our screens as cartoons before eventually a number of them became movies. Spiderman and his Amazing Friends was my personal favorite when I was growing up and often me and my siblings would imagine we were Superheroes and I would wear my Spiderman Costume all the while acting and imagining I was Spiderman shooting my Spidey webs. Children just judge these cartoon characters according to their judging standard. To be frank,the cartoon characters they \are mostly good ones, so we have to say, although children do not have social experience, their instinct is right, they can judge things correctly. The relationship between characters is simple just like kids since they don’t understand the complex realism in the real world.

There are many very good characters in these cartoons, you can find that your children are so fond of those who often help others. When they see these heroes posters or toy’s, they may want to have one. A good cartoon poster can show great effects on the imagining power of a kid. With good cartoon posters, your children can be affected by them, they may want to be the super hero in the cartoon. They may want to do same things as their super heroes do. So if you give your children a good cartoon poster or good cartoon story book, it will be just like giving your children a good example to learn from. Cartoon characters, which are on the good side often can win a child’s love and affection.

Arpita Roy