Guilt for Another’s Filth.

Because of the hurt they caused

there is a lot of pain inside,

pain which blinds and tricks into hallucinations,

pain which does not let the fear subside.

I pay a heavy price

for the crimes that they did

and it’s not as if I’m not already

buried under guilt.

It’s a terrible situation

many will identify with it-

that feeling of worthlessness

for someone else’s filth.

It’s like you are raped

and branded a prostitute

“You made the advances, the need

for intercourse making you destitute.

How was our honored rapist

supposed to control his orgasm?

It’s you who should’ve veiled yourself

instead of signaling a spasm.

You are the one who is at fault

you’re nothing but a whore

now shut up! You’re being sent to prison

for being sexually tortured, you’ll be abhorred.”

It’s like you’re murdered

and the accused is acquitted.

“How on earth can we punish him

when the evidence collected

Has been badly tampered with

we destroyed it, its almost finished

no, our dear murderer cannot be hanged

even when the murder was committed”.

In front of a hundred people

they all saw her die

but since everyone’s been suppressed

been threatened for life,

by the respected killer

they all fear him

hence the case is closed, the killer acquitted

sorry, but this bench serves only to the prude’s whims.”

It’s like you’re hanged

for something you didn’t do.

“How can you ever say that?

How do we believe you?

How can you prove

it wasn’t your fault

when you were very much present

in the same hall

We don’t care

if no one saw you do it

this is ‘the bench’ my friend

and we are not foolish

enough to sentence

the ones who feed us

you are guilty, though maybe not proven

but you’ll be hung to keep us

in our Lord’s care

we are the pawns of their game

and all we can do

is judge and blame

criminals like you

who don’t commit crimes

but your only fault is that

you don’t have gold, only dimes.”

Shalini Rajvanshi