Gujarat: Model for Development

BJP government is celebrating its seventh anniversary in the office under the leadership of Narendra Modi. The mood in Gujarat is upbeat following Ratan Tata’s decision to roll out its latest innovation for the common man, Nano from Gujarat (following a failed stint at Singur where Mamta Banarjee and uncooperative farmers made it virtually impossible for the industrialist to make any further headway into his work). Analysts will say that it is a win of progressive minded Gujarat natives over the tomfoolery mentality of West Bengal farmers. But it is more of a victory of Narendra Modi’s reformist thinking that is converting Gujarat into a rapidly developing state.

It has been tough for Gujarat which was lurking in the danger zone after gory communal riots made it virtually impossible for industrialists to think of investing in Gujarat, but it has bounced back. It is again on the road to development which is evident from the fact that it leased huge pockets of land for SEZs which led to all round development and boom in employment and infrastructure growth. In anticipation of huge growth due to all these decisions, Ahmedabad is destined to develop rapidly and large scale plans for its development have already been laid. Narendra Modi has provided unlimited opportunities for sustainable growth and employment over past few years by giving huge tax cuts and incentives to industrialists to come and set up huge projects. Analysts say that Gujarat is developing on the lines of Singapore, which presents a perfect picture of industrial growth and good standards of public living, Modi’s efforts have ensured that these cities don’t end up like any other industrial town. Gujrat houses some of the best universities and colleges in India like IIMA, DAIICT, NIFT, NID and a newly established IIT college, making it a knowledge corridor. Due to all these institutions, students from all over the country are headed to Gujarat leading to cultural mixing and thus ending cultural isolation of the state. Modi has always been quick in citing and seizing opportunities and now the Nano has been welcomed by all people including the farmers in Sanand (new site for Nano project) who readily agreed to give away their land for this project. All local newspapers are flooded with praises for Narendra Modi.

In the center of all these developments sits the man who was once branded mass murderer by almost all sections of society following controversial reports about handling communal issues during riots and supposedly helped Hindus to carry out mass murders out of rage. He was written off and so was Gujarat following the riots but Narendra Modi did what other CMs couldn’t. He was bold enough to admit the pitfalls and thus transformed Gujarat into a state which is beating Maharashtra in development and has put Gujarat on the global scene for business destination with new projects such as GIFT. Gujarat presents a picture of the perfect state which can act as an example for other states to rise above excuses and contribute to make India a developed nation.

Ajeet Singh Shekhawat

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