Gujarat Village Bans Cell Phones For Unmarried Women: Digital India, A Distant Dream?

Gujarat Women phone ban

In an attempt to curb the growing ‘disturbance’ in the society, a rather interesting diktat was passed in the Suraj village of the Mehsana distict, in the state of Gujarat.  As per the resolution, unmarried women and teenage girls are banned from using cell phones as they fear that the women will get ‘corrupted’ and ‘spoiled’.

Village head Devshi Vankar, feels that, the use of mobile phones by unmarried women is simply a nuisance to the society.


These are the exact words of wisdom that Mr. Vankar has bestowed upon us- “Why do girls need a cell phone? Internet is a waste of time and money for a middle-class community like us. Girls should better utilize their time for study and other works,” said Devshi Vankar, sarpanch (elected head) of the village.”

According to Mr Vankar, the “entire population of 2,500” in the village “welcomed the decision” issued by the panchayat, or local self-government.

One such other enlightened gentleman, Mr. Raikarnji Thakor was quoted saying “Young girls get misguided. [Cell phone use] can break families and ruin relationships. Other villages have passed similar rules. The cell phone use by unmarried women is equivalent to liquor abuse by men in the country and creates a nuisance in the society.”

The only exception to the ban is made if a relative wants to talk to a woman, in which case she is permitted to use her parent’s phone. Otherwise the defaulters, if caught, are subject to a fine of 2,100 Indian Rupees.

Panchayat coordinator Ramveer Singh told a website,“Girls get spoiled and get involved in relationships with boys at a young age because they use phones. In our times, there were no such problems, but this technology has spoiled them and we needed to curb it.”

If you’re worried that girls and boys may get involved into pre-marital relationships (because that’s a crime!), why not ban it for the boys and men as well? Why the preferential treatment?

He also further added that cell phones are the reason behind the crimes against women and that it’s better to stay clear from using at all.

Ironically enough, it is believed that the new rule was created as part of a drive to fight alcoholism mainly aimed at men in the village.


So let me get this straight and try to make some sense out of this-

Firstly, you hold women solely responsible for all of the ‘damage’ and ‘corruption’ that takes place in the society, and that too because these women use cell phones?!

Secondly, you hold women and the use of cell phones responsible for all the crimes against women, because obviously a woman using a cell phone is all the instigation that a man needs to commit a crime against her, right?

Hah! Who would have thought? And here we were wrecking our brains on coming up with a solution to India’s rape problems! This man just solved the million dollar question on how to curb violence against women. *Slow Claps*

Oh and also, the next time you see a guy getting drunk, just snatch away a woman’s phone and he will automatically stop drinking! There you go, now we’ve gotten rid of alcoholism and its perils!

You see how easy it is to get rid of society’s evils? Just put the blame on the women, take away their rights and liberties, throw them into dark rooms and voila, you would have succeeded.

It is not only preposterous but also laughable as to how conveniently women are turned into scapegoats for the fallacies of society. It also shows the long lasting effect that patriarchy has had on us, as people still feel they can place an all imposing ban on women to cover up for their lack of education and common sense.

Who are we kidding?

The farce of PM Modi’s Digital India dream falls flat on its face when we see stories like this surface. In this country regressive is the new progressive!

To these men I say –

It’s high time you clowns took ownership and responsibility of your actions. It is been way too long and we’re done cleaning up your dirty mess!

Grow up and if possible, grow a spine!

Shireen Azizi

Image sources:

The Viewspaper