Hachiko…Beyond all bounds!

As I browsed through the recommendations on the IMDB website I came across this movie Hachi- A Dog’s Tale. I guess I was looking for something with a powerful story. Well…I am not very much into movies with dogs, I never had any pet or wanted one, but it had Richard Gere so I decided to watch.

If I have to summarize the story I’d say three words…faith, love, devotion. The movie is a remake of a 1987 Japanese movie Hachi-ko.

Think of those moments in life when you do something unintentionally and it turns out good…that’s what happened to me. I bet it’s the same with the owner of Hachi and those who witnessed it. The tale of Hachi is such a wonderful happening.

It’s only after I watched the whole movie that I got to know that it is based on a true story (based in Japan). The fact that it is a true story and the degree of loyalty and love you see on screen make the movie even more enchanting.
Thanks to the makers for bringing to us such a great story.

The movie is nothing less than an emotional journey and the background score by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek is terrific! Richard Gere is great as Parker. The dog looks so adorable. As you watch this puppy grow into a faithful friend/companion, you are left teary eyed by the end. You’ll want a Hachi for yourself!

The story proves true faith, love and devotion…and that they know no bounds. A must watch movie I would say. The experience will leave you spellbound. It might be even better for all the pet lovers.

My afterthought was…we have so much to learn from Hachi. If we cared one-thousandth as much for (not necessarily a single person or family!) the individual next to us, the environment we’d leave a much better place.

Let us love more, give more and make life better.

Monisha Deepika