In the contemporary world, fashion does matter and so does ones hair-style. In recent times hair have begin to play a crucial role in grooming. Hair is complementary to one’s look and changes with fashion. One’s hairstyle is a crucial part of one’s looks as it defines a person’s personality and compliments a person’s feature. In the busy metropolitan life that we lead, the need for a good, confident and comfortable hair-should not be under-estimated.

Earlier hair stylists were a rare breed and choosing one’s hairstyle was even more complicated. But with the recent developments and plethora of changes in technology choosing one’s hair-style has become a cake walk.

Generally one should choose a hair style that reflects once personality, is easy to maintain and practical for everyday purpose. Layers, highlights etc are added to hair to make it more glamorous and give hair a beautiful touch.

Bob hairstyles, sedu hairstyles, are still in fashion and will remain for some time around.

Indians usually have a dark complexion and their hair is generally black or dark brown. Because of this uniformity in appearance most youth are turning towards hair highlighting to get a dandy look, as this is the best way to highlight hair.

Highlighting is quite popular now days, with people from affluent sections of the society, opting for this style.

With fashion becoming the fad, hair colouring has become a trend in the recent times. But we must be very cautious while going for hair colouring. The elemental thing to understand about hair colour is the way it reflects light.

Bollywood defines the recent trends, which is true in case of hair style too. Bollywood/Hollywood are the basic factor for determining what shall be the hairstyle trend. ,. Your favourite actor becomes your style guru as well. The various hairstyles which have come about , thanks to the Indian film industry are the dimensional shag and the versatile cut.

Most Indian women used to have long hair but in now due to westernization and corporatization more and more women are embarking on short hair, as it is easy to maintain.

Earlier men used to have formal and boring haircuts and they were pretty satisfied with that, but things have changed a lot. Men are now very punctilious and cautious about their hair. Modern day hairstyles range from trendy hairstyle to bob hairstyle to short hairstyle. It has now become a thing of the past when men used to have short hair. Now men keep all type of hairstyles. E.g. earlier long hair was unheard of but now it is a fad especially among college crowd.

Professional hairstylists can give a lot of advice and can create various hairstyles giving our hair a grand touch.

Nilaya Mitash Shanker