Half Girlfriend: Chetan Bhagat’s New Release


One of India’s most criticised yet loved, and undoubtedly noted bestseller Chetan Bhagat is set to release his new youth-centred creation, Half Girlfriend this October. Ever since the announcement of its release, it has become the buzz of the town; needless to mention among the youth.

The writer, whose books have been turned into Bollywood blockbusters that are widely acclaimed, is releasing yet another book which most likely going to make its way to the silver screen too.

Half Girlfriend tells the story of a middle class boy from Bihar who falls in love with a rich English educated girl from Delhi. The girl however, wants nothing more than his friendship. What follows thereafter is what the book is all about.

The book, like all the other works of Bhagat is expected to represent the everyday life of common people, but the title has managed to intrigue the readers. It has been receiving an array of reaction from both his fans and the critics; mind you some of the comments are just hilarious!



While the title of the novel has got many wondering the idea behind “half girlfriend”, Bhagat has posted a short graphic video on his Youtube account giving a sneak-peek into his book, watch here:

Ratanpriya Sharma

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