Hand in Hand, United We Stand Against Terror

Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Date : May 13, 2008


Dead : 80


Injured : 216


Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Date : July 25, 2008


Dead : 2


Injured : 20


Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Date : July 26, 2008


Dead : 56


Injured : 200


Location : Delhi, India


Date : September 13, 2008


Dead : 30


Injured : 130


Location : Delhi, India


Date : September 27, 2008


Dead : 3


Injured : 23


Location : Agartala, India


Date : August 1 , 2008


Dead : 4


Injured : 76 – 100


Location : Imphal, Manipur, India


Date : October 21, 2008


Dead : 17


Injured : 40


Location : Assam, India


Date : October 30, 2008


Dead : 31


Injured : 470


Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Date : November 26, 2008


Dead : 173


Injured : 308


This is just a brief account of the major terrorist attacks of 2008 that shook the entire country. From Jaipur to Agartala, throughout the year, bombs kept on exploding, innocent Indians kept dying and politicians kept blabbering nonsense. Tremors of terror hit the common man and he realized that he is not safe anymore.


In a country of more than one billion, a few nameless people entered unchecked, claimed innocent lives and left unscathed. These explosions shattered the dreams of a safe and secure India and exposed its vulnerability. Weak politics, corrupt politicians, crashing economy and to top it all, an unsafe country;; the world was a witness to everything. When our brave heroes were risking their lives for their motherland, our leaders were a sight to watch; some went into hiding, some prayed for their well-being, others compared them to cats to dogs. This was the attitude of our individualistic and disentangled ministers, who, instead taking some action, were busy in changing their appearance for the press conferences which they had to attend and summon.


But these blasts have given us a new reason to celebrate, and that reason is re-strengthening the country’s unity. It is commendable to see that these blows have united us all. They have made the common man rise above his cast, creed and religion. They have finally taught every citizen of our country to be an Indian first. The virtue of humanity has been learnt, the value of unity, understood. Now we don’t want to fight with each other, we want to fight for each other; and this was proved in the recent 26/11 tragedy, when the Manager of The Taj Mahal Hotel was trying to save as many lives as he could, unaware of the fact that his family was being targeted and killed at that very moment.


It was the common man’s solidarity which saved many lives during all these unfortunate events. It was the common man who has suffered, sometimes died, and sometimes watched his loved ones die. It was the common man whose home was shattered and who was taken hostage. It was the common man who endured the pain; and it made him realize that this agony is not only his own; his fellow human being suffer from the same misery.


Bad times provide a learning experience. We have had enough bad times, and consequently, enough experience. Now we want to use this experience, to fight back, against the evil forces invading our country, against our chosen representatives, against our own system, against anyone who’ll try to exploit us. The emotion that has been kindled is not a momentary spark of anger which will eventually die out; it is an ever-burning flame.


I say We, because I represent the youth of the nation, and these thoughts are not entirely mine; they belong to a set of people in the same age group, from all walks of life, who are poles apart, and way ahead of their ancestors; because they believe in bringing about the change, and not just being a witness to it. The anger in us is palpable, reaching far and wide, transcending borders, and even continents.


This anger has turned into a passion and has become the driving force for a lot of us, who are trying to portray a strong image of India to the world. We’ll continue to retain our anger, because we need to find a way to channel this anger positively to bring about a change. It is said that “Actions speak louder than words”. Our actions show that we are wide awake and have started to think out of the box, because we are sick of it and we don’t want our holy land to be burnt once again. It’s high time that we took matters in our hands, instead of asking other countries to help bail us out of the situation; we are capable enough to handle such a crisis. Its time the world learnt our strengths. Its time people know that India is not only a land of saints, but also a land of great Emperors’ like Ashoka; and if the need arises, Ashoka can be reborn.


After the series of attacks last year, there’s no doubt that we have become closer as never before. The only thing is to keep this strength and oneness intact. Ours is a holy land, and it is up to us to preserve this holiness. Let us all pray for the deceased and pledge ourselves and our motherland that we’ll not let their sacrifices go in vain.


Hand in Hand, United We Stand!


Nidhi Gurnani


[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/dharmasphere/24556879/]