Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand knotted rugs or hand tufted rugs which are more commonly known as oriental rugs have been in existence for centuries. Hand knotted rugs are basically beautiful designed carpets made specifically by hand which displays the rich cultural heritage and beauty of the nation. There are many countries which have been making these hand knotted rugs for decades now. The east and the middle east countries such as China, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Persia, some of the southern Soviet Union countries etc have are the main source of hand knotted rugs. Each one of these countries display their own style of designing which mainly involves their culture which is laid down on the carpet. The main designing of the hand knotted rugs is done using wool or any other related material. The worker uses a canvas to lay down the design and then weaves different colors of wool into it. The making of the hand knotted rugs requires a lot of craftsmanship skills. The modern hand knotted rugs aren’t exactly hand woven rugs as they are basically machine built but is very hard for a normal person to actually make out the difference between them. These hand knotted hand rugs display the traditional art along with a hint of modernism and abstract art to it. The hand knotted rugs can be used as a floor carpet as well as for adorning a wall with it. The Indian made hand knotted rugs specialize in hand knotted wool rugs. One can find many similarities in the Indian and the Chinese hand knotted rugs. The Persian rugs along with being made out of wool mainly specialize in silk and cotton rugs. These countries have been supplying hand knotted oriental rugs across the world and have established a strong market for themselves. One can order for these hand knotted rugs online too for offshore deliveries.