Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufted rugs are one of the oldest form of cloth which is also known as oriental rugs which involves a lot of hand knit patterned designing of carpets. Hand tufted rugs have been in existence since time immemorial when people used to design the oriental rugs using only their hands. Hand tufted rugs were made using a specially designed machine in which people had to use both their hands and feet in a specific pattern. These days hand tufted rugs have been replaced by machine tufted rugs in which a specific design is set in the machine and the rugs the development and designing is automatically formulated. It is very difficult to distinguish between the hand tufted rugs and the machine tufted rugs.

The hand tufted rugs were originally from the middle and the far east which were the specialties of countries such as India, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Nepal and some other territories from the Soviet Unions. The hand tufted rugs are made in these countries and have and are exported all over the world. Different countries have a different style and pattern of designing these hand tufted rugs. The designs can be easily distinguished except for China and India where a person can find a lot of similarities in thee rugs. Hand tufted rugs are basically made using a sheet of canvas as its base. The designer then creates a pattern on the canvas and fills it up with wool using a special device which is also called a rug gun. After the wool has been filled in, a scim fabric is then glue to the back of the canvas which is mainly responsible for holding the wool together in its place. The hand tufted rigs from India are considered to be one of the high end hand tufted rugs as they use the best of the materials and also the crafters and workers have kept the Indian tradition of designing alive which can be seen from the hand tufted rugs. India basically expertise’s in hand tufted wool rugs which are taken from different northern animals.