Handling Criticism

As soon as someone moves out of his/her shell and steps from the dream world to this world of reality, the biggest hurdle in the way to success is criticism. Criticism fundamentally is disapproval expressed by pointing someone’s faults or shortcomings. Aimed intentionally or unintentionally, one should know how to deal with it. Handling criticism is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is very difficult and requires lots and lots of patience and endurance. To handle criticism, one should understand the difference between positive and negative criticism and should avoid unrealistic expectations. Positive criticism targets at encouraging one’s self esteem and encourage performance, whereas negative criticism aims at character assassination.

Responding to criticism is an art that requires a sense of judgment and perspective. Accept criticism with grace and excellence, don’t get uncomfortable and counter criticism instantaneously, rather make the other person uncomfortable. I agree criticism tempts a person to prove the other person wrong and give excuses but the mantra is to stay composed and professional till the end. Let the conversation, then respond only once. Search for some means to ease off their blows, instead of shouting and proving yourself frustrated. At the most, if discussion also doesn’t work, the best ways is to let go. Try to welcome the changes that the other person’s criticism brings along and in the meantime search for new ideas to enhance your performance.

Always remember one thing, never adopt criticism as not all criticism is good or bad, instead you have to take the positive things out of it. Instead of getting affected by it in a negative manner and weakening your image, take a step back and evaluate yourself. Take it as a challenge and face it. Also from now on, whenever you judge or criticize some other person; never forget that at some point you can be at the receiving end too.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

Image Source: [http://gospelcentric.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/criticism.png]