Hangover: Case of the Missing Groom

The bride is getting ready and is anxiously waiting for her groom to announce his arrival when his best friend calls her only to tell her that wedding is not going to take place…

Well, this is how the movie begins and immediately poses array of questions; what, when, how, why. This is a story of three friends, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) who have driven from Los Angeles to the Sin City, Las Vegas for their friend’s bachelor party, but the next morning, their friend Doug (Justin Bartha) who is the groom is nowhere to be found.

Now you may think that all of them are big grown up guys who will obviously find their friend and moreover adults don’t get lost, it’s the kids who can go missing. But the problem here is that all three of them can’t remember anything of the previous night. When they wake up in their plush hotel suite the next morning (which has been destroyed beyond recognition), Stu finds his tooth missing and there is a tiger in the bathroom and an unaccompanied baby in the closet. More comical is to see Alan roaming without his pants in the room and when he goes to the bathroom, sees the tiger and in horror doesn’t piss in the pot.

So while they can’t find Doug and their memory fails them, they try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. We never get to see their wild bachelor party but one can surely tell that it was a helluva of a party as small bits of information start to come into focus; the tooth, the tiger, the baby, a hospital bracelet, missing ring, a stolen police car, a stripper, an angry Chinese gangster and guess what, Mike Tyson! Our brave and whacky guys stole Mike Tyson’s tiger! After his knockout punch, they have to deliver the ferocious tiger back to his house. So how do they do it? They drug the tiger and put him in the car’s backseat only to find him roaring and clawing at them midway. When they reach his house finally and watch a recorded tape of the previous night, one will roll into laughter as they sit with Mike Tyson and watch themselves pissing in his pool.

The structure of the story is simple but kudos to the scriptwriters, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and then more reworking by the director, Todd Phillips, the story keeps moving forward. There are many details in the movie but nowhere the viewer feels suffocated. The dialogues are crisp and witty. Mike Tyson and Stu’s songs are not to be missed as they push the audience into another round of laughter. The laughs never stop because the situations the characters find themselves into are extremely hilarious. The star of this movie is of course Zach Galifianakis. His funny one liners are very funny and funnier than his last one. His confused expressions and not so in line reactions find way into the heart with ease. And by the way, he was instrumental for that night’s events. How? Just watch the movie to find out.

All the characters play their parts well. Stu or Dr. Faggot as his friends call him is the anxious dentist who lives in terror of his bossy girlfriend, Phil is brash, aggressive and a brat who pockets his students’ money for the party while Alan is a loser but delivers perfect comic scenes with an awesome comic timing. The groom, Doug has nothing much to do in the movie except very carefully drive the car to the Vegas that his father-in-law has given him for his party (no marks for guessing here that the car of course doesn’t come back in proper shape).

The movie is crazy right from the beginning to end. It also very aptly lives up to its title. The comic overdose of this movie kicks you in the head later on and there is no escape. A must watch and even re-watching it will be as hilarious as the first time. Don’t forget to watch the credits at the end of the movie to catch a glimpse of their wild bachelor party. So go and get the Hangover!!!

Shikha Tandon