Happily Ever After

What does a person, who loves to read novels, look like to the outside world?

A loner?

Someone who is not communicative enough with the rest of the world?


Here I am! A loner, non communicative, non-verbose.

Reading has been my only way to escape reality since childhood; but fantasizing it to become a reality was never in my books. In the end, can life have a happy ending just like how books describe? I can imagine a face or two, thinking if I had only read fairy tales. No. It’s not a fairy tale that has a happy ending but the tales written by each and every author or novelist, who is matured enough to see the good and bad in humans. If you are wondering about novels like Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte or Erich Segal’s Love Story, which had happily-ever-afters in them, then I suggest you are not a reader. At least not a passionate reader. Every novel has a happy ending in a way or the other. In Wuthering Heights, the ultimatum was achieved by the leads only after they found the undying love that they had for each other. Now, all that a reader wants is for the story to end happily, and how can it be negative if love is confessed!?

I guess love stories which have the protagonists live even after confessing their love is termed as an actual love story. Many might disagree with my view but inside every human, there is no satisfaction after reading a heart breaking love story, and it’s nothing but truth. It’s human nature to say, out loud, about hating another person, but not to confess the love to their dear ones. However, going against nature and confessing, takes a great heart and even greater courage. The fear of rejection exists in each soul and creates mayhem in every life.

Consider the novel as a perception of life.

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

The reality of the world also lies in the eyes of beholder. Your perception is your reality, and it cannot exist until someone taps your shoulder and tells you that you are not dreaming. There is polarity in everything and one can always have a choice between the best and the worst. Again, it’s all in personal point of views.

“I walked in an ethereal garden, 
With soft footsteps on stone. 
Where life; for miles, danced with joy 
And in capricious whims, dead, stood a life”
                                                                                                                        – Anonymous

The joy of living a life being loved by and by loving others is the eternal bliss, and once you have achieved the ultimate, even death can be made into a mockery. During this journey of your life from birth till death, can you imagine how the world would be if love ceases to exist?

And that is when the last line of the above said poem comes into meaning. Hate is a word which is often used by a person who thinks that other humans differ from his ideology.

Can someone wish death for another human?

Can a human be that heartless?


I don’t think anyone would beg to differ from my view. Anywhere in the corner of his heart, remorse and guilt would eat him up alive even if he wishes for another person’s death. This is how a human heart works. Call it mystic or godly, this is how every human was, is and will be. Then I wonder why ruthless killing or terrorism came into existence? Well, the answer lies in the word itself. Terrorism not only refers to a group of people engaged in a killing spree, it also means that the same group is terrified or have been terrorized. They were made insecure about their ideologies, way of living, and the list never ends. It’s the intense feel of insecurity that makes a human, a murderer.

Life always comes full circle. Calling it otherwise is a foolish act because we end up exactly where we begin and there is no denying that. So if a person is made to feel insecure, who is responsible for his condition? Himself? I seriously doubt that. It is the society that makes him feel the same.

Again what is society? It’s us.

So, you cannot actually blame Osama-Bin-Laden for ending up as a terrorist because in a way he was terrorized by the acts of the United States. This is life. Osama is just another life that is still being criticized for his way of existence, for which he is not to be blamed. Again, I don’t support his ideologies either. He could have resorted to peace but instead took up violence.

The quintessence here is the traditional pattern being followed throughout the evolution of human kind, “self reflection”. Socialism strips up from our individuality, and we become too lazy to come up with ideas which make us the odd man out. Therefore, people start seeing visions of themselves in a monarchy.

Like the saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, too many achievers and the world doesn’t stand a chance. This ultimately collapses the whole system and anarchy descends to chaos.

With these flaws, can you really expect a happily ever after?!

So it’s time the world refrains from expecting a happily ever after and starts enjoying each and every moment in life, with memories filled with happiness and making new ones with blissfulness; because living a life to fullest is a phenomenon that happens only once, and living it without regrets itself is like being in seventh heaven.

Come together and make life happily, without the bitter moments. After all humans, are not always perfect and so is the polarity of emotions in them.

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