Happiness and Sadness

Why is it that sometimes when you think that things are going on in the right direction, you encounter the most unexpected and complicated problems? I don’t mean to ask this as an objective question because there is no definite answer.  But I wouldn’t call it a rhetorical question because there has to be an answer, subjective it might be though. So that’s why I decided to ponder over and tried to find out why happy times do not last forever.

  • One reason why things don’t happen as you want them to happen is that there are always too many people involved. We as humans have different opinions, expectations, desires and ideologies.  When there are far too many people involved in something, clashes are bound to happen. One thing we should acknowledge is that we are all essentially self-seekers and the moment we realise that we are being alienated from our share of the pie, we become defensive and things fall out of track.
  • Our reactions to similar situations in different points of time can be highly variable. And more often than not, it is not other’s actions, but our reactions to their actions, which is the cause of all distress.
  • Our definition of happiness is subjective. What brings you happiness might not interest me at all. Agreed, there are things which everybody likes doing. We all like to eat good food, listen to good music, shop at branded stores, and feel belonged to some group. Which is why when these things are overshadowed by things which we do not find joyful, we decide we aren’t happy anymore. But it may not be so.
  • We are not eternal optimists. We lose faith. We find some relief in thinking pessimistically. And many a times, the situation wouldn’t even be as bleak as we consider it to be. Few of us look forward to facing challenges as a part of our endeavours.
  • We tend to become self-righteous in situations, and end up playing the ugly blame-game. It’s easier to point fingers at ten other people. What is difficult is accepting that you were wrong. Nobody can alter your life against your wishes, or, for that matter, take decisions on your behalf. I fathom that when we start owning up to the decisions we made, whether they were good, bad or ugly, problems wouldn’t seem so complex, and life wouldn’t seem so abstruse.
  • Lastly, sometimes things go out of place because we are simply incapable of rectifying or altering the situations.

I’d like to believe that this transition is God’s way of telling us that nothing lasts forever. And that we should be geared to face all challenges, whatever they may be. One thing which is indeed very fitting is that sad days or difficult times, whichever way you might call them, are also not constant. And that there are always enough people who face the same challenges, defeats and hardships as you are facing. You are not alone. We are not alone.

Pranav Sukhija