Happy New Year!

flag.jpgHappy New Year my friends! Surprised?! But I am not surprised by your reaction, because your reaction imitates the reaction of every other Indian. And if I would not have told you that yesterday was the New Year day according to the Vikram Samvat, you would have not even known that it is New Year 2065 in our own country.

This is not just the situation of a mere New Year Day. The situation is more or less the same with everything associated with our nationality, let it be our national animal or national bird or the national river or even our nation’s biggest award Bharat Ratna. Not one or two years but for the last eight years no person has been awarded the highest civilian honour of India, the Bharat Ratna. Does the country of a hundred crore residents not even have one person to whom we can confer this honour? Are our people doing no great work?

What has happened to us? All the things that have an element of nationality in them are in a dire state. The Government has abandoned them after announcing them ‘national’ and people have preferred to become a mute audience, leaving them as the Government’s responsibility.

Perhaps there will come a day when we will have to tell tales of the tiger to our coming generations as, ‘Once there used to be tigers in India….’ No other species is in such a bad state as are the tigers in our country. The royal Bengal Tigers are famous around the globe for their liveliness. This strong king of the jungle is now in a desperate bid to save its life. In the pre-independence era, kings and badshahs used to hunt this brave animal as the symbol of their royal blood. Post – independence, poachers have made this national animal of India an endangered species.

The same words can be said for our national bird, the peacock. The peacock has its unique image because of its colourful limbs and sculpted body. This bird finds its reference everywhere in the epics of Krishna and in the poems of famous poets. But because of its precious wings and delicious meat, the peacock has been famous amongst the poachers. And our lack of caring has resuled in its near extinction.

How can we forget our holy national river, Ganges? This prehistoric mighty river, without which no Indian mythological story can be complete, has reached a terrible state. The water levels have reduced to half and the flow is uneven and unpredictable. This condition is only expected to get worse. The status of its sister Yamuna is even worse, as it has turned into a big city gutter.

Indians seem to have lost their minds and souls in the endeavour of globalization. Importance of everything else appears to be fading in the run for more and more money and power. I am not saying that money or power is not important, but thinking, and not just thinking but caring for our homeland is also equally critical. A person cannot progress in life without the progress of his nation. Great visionary industrialist J.D Tata has understood this fact and once said, ‘Nation’s prosperity brings individual prosperity but not vice versa’.

Our national symbols are not just symbols but they are a golden thread that binds all the Indians together. They are the emblems of our teamwork, which is critical for success. For a sportsman, no prize is greater than seeing his country’s flag rise above the rest. But why don’t we have the same attitude in our everyday life? Why we don’t care to remember the days of national importance? Why don’t we know the difference between our national anthem and national song? It is only because we don’t treat them with the importance and respect they deserve. The day when we the people start respecting our nation and its nationality, we will also start loving each other and on that day, each Indian will be the veteran of its motherland. That day, we will be able to proudly announce to the world that we are one.

Saurabh Sharma


[Image Source : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mgalib/9613674/]