Har Friend Zaroori Hai Yaar…!

Airtel had an image makeover recently a couple of years ago, when it changed its symbol from being formal to the more funky a. Instead of targeting more formal business post-paid audiences as before, it targeted the youth, especially the college going crowd, partly in response to the aggressive marketing by Vodafone which was on cutting edge with Airtel regarding the maximum number of customers in India. Other telecom companies had been attracting with much cheaper plans on pre-paid connections and internet. So, Airtel launched a massive advertising campaign.

The current series of advertisements by Airtel target the youth and are based on the very universally true reality- har ek friend zaroori hota hai, every friend is important. All of us have so many friends from different parts of our lives- friends from school, college, work, gym or dance classes, and even random acquaintances who become friends over time.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. We have a group of friends we meet everyday to hang out and some friends are our roomies who endure us all day long;  we catch the latest movies with some, and with others we go shopping during sales or emergencies while some friends live only to party hard, harder, hardest. We make and meet many friends everyday while commuting, some whom we met on a college festival or competitions, some who share our tastes in music or books or blogs and still some others we meet at the our favourite adda.

Friends help us sail through happy and tough times and it is with them that we have some of the best memories of our lives. In college, we have a set group of friends to cheat with during the exams, get thrown out of the class with some, and perpetually borrow notes from that studious but generous friend, whose assignments we copy as well. Some friends we meet in the library before the exams and others at the canteen while bunking classes the rest of the year.

The latest advertisement from Airtel is about keeping in touch with all these friends through Facebook, twitter and blogging. Of course, everyone wants to be constantly updated about whats going on in their friends’ lives. We also want to share with our friends the latest place we went, the latest songs we heard or the articles we read and the games we played.

Obviously, to share all this, we use the internet. Airtel has smartly shown in its ads our generation which cannot live without our smartphones and laptops and instant sharing of information- both good and bad news.

Clearly, it has become so much easier with internet on the go to catch up with friends and reconnect with many, who we had lost contact with…… not just friends, we can keep in touch with everyone we know.

This ad has struck a chord with our generation and now whenever we see that advertisement, we instantly picture an image of ourselves with our friends, and we think, yes, that’s us! We’ve done that! We do those silly, quirky things all the time…!

Abhiruchi Chatterjee

Image Source [http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gq_7eDeUht8/TwxoCa4Qd6I/AAAAAAAAAys/vV1z0NMqqjA/s1600/sound-download.png]