Hardship to Glory

“Roshni chand sa hota hai sitaro sa nahi, mahobbat janta sa hota hai aur kisi sa nahi” – Mamta Banerjee.

Trinamool spokesperson Derek O’Brien says ‘A traffic light which has been on red for 34 years has now changed to green.’ Green is Trinamool’s colour; it is also the colour of the ‘Go’ sign on traffic lights and the colour of progress.

New Dawn, New Year and Sun is rising, it’s Happy Independence day for West Bengal.
Winning is a habit and when the going gets tough, the tough get going, which has been time and again substantiated by Didi. She grew up in a lower middle-class family and when she was only 15 her father died. She has 6 brothers and 2 sisters. After the sad demise of her father she started working for the Haringhata Milk Supply, a state enterprise that supplied milk in the ’70s in Kolkata, besides studying. Her family had lived in small house (in Kalighat in Kolkata) and she supported her family with an indomitable spirit.

She started her internship in politics when she was a toddler helping her father in making glue for posters then as a street worker with the Congress. As a young woman in the 1970s, she quickly rose in the ranks to become the general secretary of the state Mahila Congress (1976–80). Mamata’s first bonfide triumph came in 1984 when, she was only 29-year-old, defeated CPM stalwart Somnath Chatterjee for the Jadavpur Lok Sabha seat.
She fervently fought for three decades and finally scripted the obituary of CPI (M), which was deemed infallible in West Bengal.

Now let us discuss the path untraversed by Mamta Banerjee. The west Bengal is beset with gazillion of intricate problem. The state which was a manufacturing hub in 60’s has come to naught. It now features at number 17 in ease of doing business in India.
There has been an alarming de-industrialization in the state with industry’s share of output declining to 19 per cent from 26 per cent. Almost all industries are ailing, few are closed, and few are on verge on getting closed. ITI tally in west Bengal stands at minuscule 51.

This time West Bengal is in a complete debt trap. Which stands at 2 lakh crore (appx). The state is bankrupt with the government wondering how to pay the April-May salaries. In West Bengal unemployment is staggeringly high, 85 lakh people are directly unemployed and 15 lakh indirectly unemployed. Taking a total to 1 crore. Per capita income in West Bengal has also continuously being declining over the past three decade.

Mamata should focus on new ideas, creativity and innovation so as to take West Bengal out of the dark and bring vigor to the people. She has to toil hard to establish bonafide democratic governments, control inflation, obliterate graft, attract investment and bring in development without displacement. She has to pursue a multi pronged strategy to work toward establishing better infrastructure, food processing industry, to work towards building district level coordinating committee, to revitalize West Bengal’s industrial brilliance with focus on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), invigorate closed PSUs and attract large scale private investment in sectors like engineering, steel, tea, jute, textiles, mining, power and food processing. West Bengal has to showcase itself as aninvestor friendly state. It should reach out to non resident Bengali {NRB}.

The so called change is not just about change in political power but helping the state development. As the word impossible says I AM POSSIBLE so it’s completely possible for West Bengal to do as Bihar, Assam has done. So let’s see whether the jasmine revolution fructifies or not.

Nilaya Shankar