Harish Upadhya Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

In the first place I don’t know if I am qualified enough to give suggestions. But here are few things that as a voter, I would like to see this government doing.

  1. Policy issues- Whether it is the Coal scam, 2G spectrum allocation scam or the recent Facebook arrest controversy, one thing is very clear, our laws and policies are quite outdated and have developed huge loopholes which are likely to be exploited by vested interest groups. So it is high time that our laws and policy frameworks are changed and are up to date with modern times. I would like to see the government moving swiftly in this regard rather than its spokespersons targeting the CAG or the PAC or the BJP.
  2. Police & judicial reforms: Well a major phenomenon in Urban India is the drastic increase in crime rates and the system failing to deal with it. Our police departments across the country are severely short staffed and need some urgent infusion of infrastructure, manpower, arms and perhaps an increase in salary and humane working conditions. One of the important pillars of our democracy, the judiciary seems to be slightly tainted after it has been exposed how the Judges in the lower court are indulging in objectionable practices & behaviour (i.e Jandardhan Reddy money for bail scam etc). This is definitely the right time to put checks & balances in place and perhaps look at an overhaul of sorts of the Judiciary.
  3. Subsidy: I agree this issue is tricky for any Government. I support the Government’s move to De-regularise petrol and put a cap on the subsidised LPG cylinders. But if I am not wrong, large chunk of money allocated for subsidy goes towards subsidising Diesel.  But the unacceptable practices of huge fuel guzzling SUVs and cars of rich people getting the same subsidised Diesel has to stop, mind you the sales figure of Diesel cars in last three quarters has seen an unprecedented raise. So there needs to be a mechanism to ensure that subsidised diesel is used only for poor-middle class benefit.
  4. . Lokpal: I think everyone including congress members realise that we need a Lokpal perhaps not in the alleged Draconian state that Team Anna demanded but a surely a workable/effective Bill needs to be passed. Please make sure it doesn’t go the Women reservations bill way.


Thank You

Harish Upadhya

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.