Harper Lee’s Second Novel Hits The Bookstores After 55 Years


After being the center of attraction for so many years, the author of novel To Kill A Mockingbird releases her second book after a gap of 55 years. To Kill A Mockingbird was first released on July 11 in the year 1960. The second novel has taken a long time to come out in the open, but it would be interesting to note for the readers that the Pulitzer Prize winner novelist wrote the upcoming novel years before she released To Kill A Mockingbird.

Go Set A Watchman is up for release on July 14, that is, today. Harper Lee had worked on it and completed the novel in the 1950’s but she didn’t get it published. If some sources are to be believed then Harper Lee had even expressed her wish of never publishing her novel, Go Set A Watchman. But as a surprise for her readers, she has finally decided to share the novel with them now.

The journey which went into writing To Kill A Mockingbird could only be possible after her friends encouraged her and helped her financially during that period of two and a half years. The response she received from people worldwide made her debut book on the list of the “Must Read Books” of all times of many publications and newspapers. With so much love coming from all sides, Harper Lee thanked her fans worldwide but never publicized it by herself.

Eyes are now on her upcoming novel that would surely make her readers hit the bookstores today. In an interview given to The Telegraph in 2011 she said, “I want to do the best I can with the talent God gave me. I hope to goodness that every novel I do gets better and better … all I want to be is the Jane Austen of south Alabama.” Her first book was turned into an Oscar winning film in the year 1962 as the book’s popularity was such that it has sold over 30 million copies in all these years.

In a survey done by www.OnePoll.com To Kill A Mockingbird was ranked Number 1 on the list of most inspiring books of all times in Britain. It even beat the Bible in the survey. Now the wait is to grab her latest book, Go Set A Watchman and meet the genius of Harper Lee yet again.



Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Image Source: The Viewspaper