Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Book Review

HPDH contrary to general perception is not really a predictable book; on the other hand there are surprises that are thrown at the reader at different points in the story making the tale more gripping and interesting. The fact that Harry must eventually win, is kind of obvious in keeping with the universal theory of victory of good over evil, but how this victory comes about and what all must be sacrificed, including Harry himself, for the greater good is something that the book illustrates with great penchant.

It is a very well framed novel with full justice done to every character. Rowling has also emphasised on the characters of the lesser creatures like house elves and goblins and their role in the resistance against the dark lord’s regime. One can say that Hagrid’s role has reduced quite a bit but the ending makes up for it all. The book also marks the coming of age of the three core characters Harry, Ron and Hermione. This has been beautifully portrayed. The character of Voldemort has been discussed in great detail, following from the sixth part where Dumbledore gives an idea of the teenaged Voldemort.

In this part Voldemort’s fickle pride and insecurities are brought into focus which eventually leads to his downfall. Also, as mentioned before Dumbledore has been discussed a great deal, one might say that it doesn’t do a lot for the plot of the book however discussion of his life brings forth the glaring contrast between his and Harry’s nature and the reason as to why Harry could succeed where he failed.

The remarkable ease with which the book has been connected to the earlier parts and the way in which all the mysteries are systematically revealed and the loose ends tied is very commendable. Another very exciting feature of the book is that it is highly visual creating strong imagery. One can almost imagine the landscapes and the seasons described. The adventures almost appear to be real.

The most fulfilling and exciting part of the book is its climax. The twists introduced and the revelations that come into the picture and the ingenious way in which they have been incorporated as well as the participation of numerous characters and their role as a unified resistance against evil makes for a very contented read. This is also the time when Ron and Hermione’s relationship takes a decisive turn after much anticipation. Also, the dialogue that takes place between Harry and Voldemort when they finally duel face to face is remarkable.

One of the drawbacks of the book is that it cannot be enjoyed much as an individual read. It is completely connected to the earlier parts and there should at least be a certain degree of knowledge regarding the world of Harry Potter before one understands HPDH. Rowling’s magical theories and philosophies make things a bit complex at the end however; it is not really a big deal.

The book definitely sends out a strong message to the readers. It is not only about evil dying and goodness triumphing but majorly concerns itself with the power of love and virtues of courage and selflessness. Harry Potter is an epitome of all this. The climax of the book very beautifully brings out these messages. Rowling emphasises on the fact that the reason Harry was special wasn’t because of any hidden magical power (there was none as it turns out) but because of the love and sacrifice of his mother who died protecting him. This is precisely what he does when he sets out to fight the dark lord for the sake of others. The power of love and friendship plus the courage and will to fight against wrong is something that book talks about in great detail. All this makes the book very special and is a must read for all.

Nilasish Kar

*This piece has been selected as a Winning Entry for the ‘Viewspaper Express Yourself Writing Competition’*