Hats off to you Indian Mujaihideen

2 days after the 9/11 anniversary, terror strikes again and the clichéd line has given news channels a new life. Four serial blasts in less than an hour in the national capital brought back Delhi on the face of global terror map after 3 years of prima facie safety. The blasts, bombs using timer devices without explosives and low intensity ones with ball bearings being used for effect, targeted the 3 most popular shopping markets of the city, Ghaffar Market in Karol Bagh, the heart i.e. Central Park and Barakhamba Road bus stop and the plush locales of the G.K-1 M Block market, all thriving on a horde of weekend shoppers. The injured have been taken to the nearby hospitals with an estimate of about 20 dead and 90 injured and still counting. All major markets have been evacuated and public utilities have been cut off temporarily. In the words of NDTV, no matter where you belong, what socio-economic strata you relate to, or what your faith may be, YOU ARE NOT SAFE.

The Indian Mujahideen (suspected to be a subordinate to the HuJI or the LeT) claiming responsibility for it yet again, and very shamefully firing the gun from someone else’s shoulder. The last line of the mail clearly states “”And thus our promise will be fulfilled. Inshallah”. These fanatics have the audacity to take the name of the Almighty backing them up in their quest for “revenge”. What promise are they talking about? A promise of performing an insurgent act to show the world the power they possess? Or the knowledge of religion which they want to show/ claim to own. “Within 5 minutes from now, this time with the Message of Death, dreadfully terrorizing you for your sins,” the chilling note said. Sins that have made these fundamentalists go out and pierce the eye of the person who took out theirs. Sins that are making them act like the Joker in the Dark Knight, portraying themselves as some who just want to see the world burn.

Let us remind them that their nefarious designs will not make our lives come to a standstill or in simple words they have been unsuccessful. India, with so much unity in its diversity is the sole reason why their plans turn counterproductive because they aim on capitalizing on this very diversity. The Indian Mujahideen is of the view that they do this for the strengthening of the Muslims world over, for their empowerment, to back them in the times of oppression. For them it is most certainly not about the money but about the message. Thank you IM, you have surely given a message, an excuse to the opposition to oppose for the heck of it, blame the UPA on stringent anti-terror policies something which the whole world is dealing with. Thank you for throwing sand in the eyes of the illiterates Indians, which constitute the majority of the state and stereotyping the Muslims even further. Thank you playing with religion as a national sport. Your message is surely going to strike deep in the heart of Indians without a scratch on the sanctity of their Indianness.

Deshan Tucker

[Image source:http://english.people.com.cn/200607/31/images/F200607311020231312830308.jpg]