Have The Canons Deafened Our Hearts?

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In conversation with Dhruv Sachdeva…

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The Viewspaper got talking to Dhruv Sachdeva, founder of ‘Humour Me’, a premium content generator in the Branded Entertainment space. Dhruv has been on quite a journey, he started his acting career with the role of ‘Scar’ in the musical ‘Circle of Life’- adaptation of the Broadway musical ‘The Lion King’. As he rose on the popularity charts he went on to act in many more productions such as, ‘Is Everyone There Yet?’ a Crazy Spotlight Production in 2007, ‘Pardeh Ke Peeche Kya hai’ in 2008 and many more.

Dhruv recently produced and acted in the production ‘The Character of a Happy Life’ (Dec, 2011) under the’ Humour Me’ banner, it received many accolades by the audiences and critics alike.

Apart from this, Dhruv, is also a Partner, Musician and Vocalist – Phi Entertainment & Productions for the band PHI DEGREES that has performed  at renowned events like SUNBURN-Goa and many more. One man, many hats eh?

Viewspaper:  Your song ‘HOPE’ is a soul stirring composition that definitely raises some poignant questions, was it just the Paris attack that inspired you to come up with this or was it something more?

Dhruv:  I saw the post of a dear acquaintance, who had shared that while the Paris attack received a lot of traditional and social media coverage and outrage, rightly so, the attacks in Beirut a day prior to Paris, received hardly any coverage. There were no hash tags and display picture changes that showed solidarity towards those people and no one seem to care about the innocent lives that were lost in Beirut.

So while we were sitting at the dinner-table one night, my family and I started to reflect upon the rather appalling conditions of the world that we were bringing our kids into, a world where you can simply be shot dead while you sat in a café! It’s ridiculous to think that this is where the world is headed. We all agreed on one thing, that this world needs some love and some hope. We went with a song because music tends to have a lasting effect on the minds of people, one’s emotions can transcend beautifully into a song. That’s where the idea to write ‘HOPE’ came from.

Viewspaper: Do you feel that the super powers are doing enough to wipe out the menace that is terrorism? Or are they just busy passing on the buck to each other?

Dhruv: The fact that this happened in a first world country has shaken people up, it has certainly brought it up on people’s radar. However, these things usually end up as forgotten hash tags. The world leaders have vested interests in all of this, it’s a problem that has been going on for some time now and they need to realize the implications of this war. They have now realized that this is a problem that needs all of them to come together to counter it. We are fighting a totally different kind of terrorism, this is cyber terrorism. It isn’t just conventional warfare. We need more than just a political approach, economic approach, or a military approach, we need a human approach. We need to stop capitalizing on tragedy. We need empathy and not just sympathy.

Viewspaper: In one of the articles on your journal on ‘Humour Me’ by Chhaya Dabas, she writes “every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that our actions have massacred our history and our dilapidated present is a stinging consequence of our exploits ’’ to what extent do you think this holds true?

Dhruv:  This is the opinion of one blogger and we can’t generalize everyone, I genuinely believe that where there are human beings there is bound to be conflict, but that conflict should be healthy, one that is meant to lead to growth and innovation. There has to be opposition for a free flow of thoughts and debate. Universal coherence is impossible. I do feel thatthat, yes, our actions have created an environment of hostility and has been a result of our historical dilemma. History has taught us a bitter lesson again and again. This hate is a result of deterioration and mass destruction. We cannot afford the repeat of another World War. There will be consequences to every action and hence we need to be mindful of our actions.

Viewspaper: Tell us something about ‘Humour Me’? How do you feel it connects with today’s generation? How is it different from other content generator websites?

Dhruv: ‘Humour Me’ is a Branded Entertainment company. We generate content through entertainment; be it music, art, theatre, dance as we feel it’s the best way to express ourselves. We try and keep it relevant. We champion creative ideas through the medium of varied entertainment. We champion a certain sentiment, we come up with amazing ways that can champion that particular sentiment like concerts, podcasts, live shows, musicals. We develop content that the viewer or consumer would instantly relate too. That is the USP of ‘Humour Me’. We are creators, we create genuine and original content. It’s about giving people a gamut of experiences across varies emotions and entertainment.

Viewspaper: France has bombed Syria mercilessly over the past few days to avenge what happened in Paris, however, many more innocent lives were lost and reduced to collateral damage, do you think this is the correct way of going about things?

Dhruv: That is exactly the point of this song. We don’t need more death and suffering and hate. A single bomb in Syria kills more innocent people that it does the terrorists. The world has become a rather crazy place. We can’t be spewing more and more hate.  If we continue like this, there’s little hope for humanity. There are people who have lost so much in a war they don’t even understand. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

Viewspaper: Do you believe that beneath the debris of crushed humanity there is still hope for a future, one without the evils of today?

Dhruv:  Humanity can only exist if we realize the humanness in ourselves. We have dehumanized most emotions. We have replaced emotions with emoticons. A virtual hug or a smile can never compare to the real thing. Humanity is lost in the barrage of superficial emotions and feelings. We need to be more tolerant, loving and more positive. Love is not equivalent to likes we get on Facebook and a status update isn’t the only symbol of solidarity. We need to rid ourselves of the false sense of love and empathy.  The world is becoming an exceedingly lonely place. We need to realize that each one of us matter. We need to go back to the basics, we need to connect with each other on a personal level. We need to re-teach ourselves the values of love, peace and brotherhood. That’s our only chance at saving humanity.

The Viewspaper encourages its readers to listen to this soulful rendition by Dhruv and share the love, because there is still HOPE!


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