Hawaaizada: Tale Of An Unsung Indian Genius


After choosing 2 flop movies (bewakoofiyan and nautanki saala); Ayushman Khurana just saved his reputation as an emerging talented actor of Bollywood.

Hawaaizada, is a story of an Indian scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who was supposed to have constructed aeroplane 8 years before Wright brothers did. The film also elucidates the strategies that British Government used to suppress Indian talent and intellect.  Hawaaizada talks about the hurdles and challenges that this unconventional idea had to go through.  The film is set in Bombay of 1895.

The trailer reveals an intriguing story of the journey that this undiscovered genius of India had to make in order to construct his aircraft and fly it.However, this is just a hypothesis right now but owing to its mythic quality, this story is even more fascinating.

The YouTube video of the official trailer of Hawaaizada has crossed 10 lakh views. Ayushman has sported a subtle, nerdy lookfor the role. The actor is very excited for the release of his movie. He said “So, I think there was no plan, but, yes, this will be an image change by default because I was playing quintessential north Indian guy till now and this time I am playing a Maharashtrian,”.

Khurana has changed his look for the movie and is looking quite convincing in the trailer. Pallavi sharda, Mithun Chakrobarty and Naman Jain are also looking impressive in their supporting role. The trailer promises us a well directed, perfectly acted and creatively written story. Dialogues and background music are alluring.

Directed by Vibhu Virendra Puri, Hawaaizada ventures into the dreams that Shivakar Talpade built and the pain he took to make it come true. If you are interested in History, Science, Indian nationalism or Bollywood; this movie calls for all of you.

Ayushman Khurana released his first look on Twitter and the people responded really well by showering positive tweets about the movie. Pallavi Sharda , the Australian Indian actor is quite convincing in the role of a typical Marathi girl, who is the love interest of Khurana. Sharda’s portrayal of a girl who journeys along with the scientist himself seems to be realistic, we just hope she has an important part to play in the movie & is not a mere showpiece.

The trailer successfully generates a sense of pride for our country and its delightful heritage. We hope this movie turns out to be as authentic and captivating as the trailer is.

The movie which was formerly named as “Bombay Fairytale” releases on 30th January, tactfully ignoring a date clash with Akshay Kumar’s much sought after film “Baby”.

Aditi Mishra

Image Source: [Video Screenshot]