He To She: Bruce To Caitlyn


A 36D breast implant and facial feminization surgery later our dear old Bruce of the Jenner family is now calling himself Caitlyn. After happily saying goodbye to her masculinity, in an exclusive interview with ABC News, Bruce confirmed the rumors, saying, “I’m a Woman”.

It seems as though spectacles never leave the Kardashian family: If it’s not Kim having another baby West, then it’s the sibling war between Kylie and Kendall. 10 seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians later with viewer ratings’ increasing in millions, this family sure knows how to keep people entertained, but is this sex transformation another publicity stunt or something true and close to Caitlyn’s heart?

Apart from warranting the rumors, in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer Caitlyn also made certain that her surgeries were ‘not a publicity stunt’! People claim that it was nothing but an antic to increase the TRP of their show; however could making a life changing decision of this degree, merely for the marketing of a show, be justified?

Either when Kim Kardashian caught her wearing a dress, or the time in the 1980’s when she took female hormones, all indicates a highly expected and anticipated change to Bruce’s life. Amongst her family too there is an extraordinary amount of commotion. Her children including Kim, Kylie, Kendall and even Brandon stand by her; say they are privileged to be her children. Kris Jenner on the contrary, had an entirely different stance on this matter and ended up shamelessly admitting on feeling embarrassed of her ex-husbands decisions.

Furthermore, people have also “accused” Bruce of being gay as an act to rationalize his gender conversion. According to Bruce however, he is certain that he is in fact “not gay”. Personally, I feel that the whole controversy on Bruce Jenner’s sexuality and now Caitlyn’s purpose behind her transformation have been intensified due to the interference and critical thinking of the public. At a time like this when a person has undergone such a tremendous transformation, receiving so much criticism can be disheartening and lower ones morale.

Meghna Gupta

Image Source: The Viewspaper