Headaches that No Saridon Can Cure!

As the clock ticks the world goes round, and issues change. Today, in this 21st Century the issues are no more similar to that of the post independence era. One thing needs to be corrected that issues are not synonyms of a troubled state. An issue can be an immediate concern. Trying to list all the issues of today would be difficult like getting trapped in a jungle gym, so I would list a few, which I found are the most urgent.

One issue that makes all eyebrows wrinkled is juvenile delinquency. The news of schoolboys shooting a classmate with his dad’s service revolver is shocking. Today’s youngsters seem to be of a gangster avatar. From street fights to cyber crimes, the jissue uvenile delinquency doesn’t seem to end. Porn sites show adolescent users viewing in 90% cases and survey exposes the shocking reports that out of every ten, seven students (mostly boys) have watched at least two blue films with friends. Amongst girls, out of every ten, three regret that they had believed a friend and got into the mess of going for a blind date. As the sale of contraceptive pills and cigarettes go high, the country’s youth goes one step closer to the ‘Dum maaro dum’ culture with each passing day.

Another issue that is a recent threat to our life in cities is the education system is Reservation and how it seems to overshadow merit. This country is already cankered by a parasite named corruption. There is corruption in every corner, from yoga guru Baba Ramdev fasting against corruption himself not paying a single rupee in tax against his 87,000 crore property, to Kanimozhi’s 2G scam. Democracy recently in India has turned into Damn-o-cracy, courtesy to the ones who run the government. What an irony!

Next in the charts comes the one with a big bang — terrorism. Laden is dead, Kasab is not yet, and the 24 year old awaits the noose in the prison because there no hangmen in India. In fact there is record in history that a murder convicted once got grace because of a hangman’s absence!

The last but most definitely not the least is Bollywood and cricket. As it makes a tastier combo than the new Bingo Achari mix, it has raised issues that aren’t that easy to solve. The Munnis and Sheilas can take a backseat before this blast of spicy treat. The controversies don’t seem to end, and Indian culture seems to be lost. With Mandira Bedi’s deep cut strap falling off her shoulders to Jr. Mallya’s lip lock with his ladylove, the softness of Indian culture is gone! Bollywood is no more only cinema and BCCI is no more only cricket.

The issues of today shake the system, but just a few flames of alert and the fire keeps burning. Tomorrow’s new issues will come, but that doesn’t mean the old issues will get solved. What we have to stop is the piling up of garbage before the bin spills.

Aryani Banerjee