Health is Wealth

Everyone knows “Pehla sukh nirogi kaya” and “Your Boyd is Your God”. History reveals that from anicent times, man was health conscious. For staying healthy, man evolved the art of physical exercise and discovered the treasure of Nature, in the form of herbs to fight diseases. “Yoga” and “Ayurveda” are the two Indian concerns for health which are gaining popularity throughout the Globe.

A healthy man is the one who is fit from two aspects broadly, viz. physically and mentally. Truly said “Swastha tan mein swastha man” (A healthy body has a healthy mind). These aspects further depend on the lifestyle of man. Good health is a way of life which applies to everyone.

Physical Health can be maintained by exercises, whereas mental health is a result of the meditation practice of the man. Along with these, environmental health and social health have also great impact on the fitness of an individual. Every country/region and religion has its own way of environmental/social set up and meditation. Thus, good health is not only the application of the Health Science, but also through the lifestyle of individual.

“Yoga” is proving to be one of the most famous practices through out the world. This Indian practice not only maintains the external physical structure and shape of the body, but also the internal hormonal set up. Internal secretion of the hormones play important role in overall health.

Yoga is also a solution for many diseases. Different ‘asanas’ of this practice provide all sorts of health benefits to an individual. It was the Indian Maharshi Patanjali who wrote on Yoga, along with Ayurveda. Yoga purifies the mind and Ayurveda purifies the body. Due to these practices, India is fast emerging as health conscious nation. This was proven in the Health & Fitness Expo India, which was organized by the Villart Expositions of Hyderabad in 2007.

The “LaLonde Report” suggests that “Human Biology, Environment, Lifestyle and Healthcare Services” are the four major determinants of health. The developing countries like ours have a rich environment and the lifestyle is still in accordance with nature in many ways. If these two factors are maintained, then there is very little need for healthcare. Even if required, then the Nature Healing practices such as Ayurveda and Naturapathy have the tendency to cope up with health problems. Fortunately, these two also depend on the treasure of the nature.

Yoga has proven to be the most effective tool of health and fitness of an individual. Not only is it easy to teach and learn, but since it doesn’t require any equipment, even the poor in India can avail its benefits.

In today’s world, an individual has no time to recreate, to share their feelings; they are facing several disorders, mental pressure, psychological stress, which in turn, results in physical stress. Yoga has the power to heal such problems. Physical well being and mental peace can be gained by Yoga. Modern day science has realized the power of Yoga. It is by virtue of the Yoga, the practitioners of modern health sciences refer to Yog Gurus to heal several diseases. Thus, preserve your health and fitness by means of Yoga, which aims at the realization of the unity of whole being.

Satya Prakash Mehra

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