Hema Malini Blames The Victim’s Father: Another Story Of VIP Privileges?


There is no pain like the one you feel when you lose your child. The same pain that the parents of the little one who was killed in the car crash must be experiencing. The anger, the devastation and the frustration can be overwhelming. However, if there can a thing worse than this, it is to be blamed for your own child’s death.

These must have the emotions running through Mr. Khandelwal’s mind when he heard that Hema Malini had taken to blame for the accident by stating that he was the one who did not follow the traffic rules.

The Twitterati too expressed their anger to the statement made by the actress. Here are a few of them:

These Twitter users definitely seem upset by the amount of media coverage given to Hema Malini’s broken nose.

Many also sympathized with the parents of the child who lost her life in the car accident.  

While many said that Hema Malini should be booked for the accident caused and punished accordingly.

However, there were some who wished happy health to Hema Malini. Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, was one of them.  

The accident took place on 2nd July when Hema Mailni’s Mercedes collided with the Alto. Although nothing can change the fact that a child has lost her life in the accident, our deepest condolences lie with the parents of the child.


Shivani Sandhu

Image Source: The Viewspaper