Hi My Monsoon!

Monsoon is the one season that has in its kitty millions of poems and stories which praise the beauty of it all and its importance in our world. And when I touched the first drop of this divine nectar from the grey sky, that too in the hot month of June, I felt like dancing on the terrace, just the way we all used to dance in rain in our early days of childhood!

Monsoon – this is the season a poor farmer prays for. This is the time when he sows his crop and mother earth gulps the rain water to give out the prasad of food to us. Rain is the source of life, just as sun and wind. Rainfall is considered to be one of the most complex yet easily observed natural cycles which help sustain life on earth. However, when we see grey clouds in the usually hot sunny days of May and June, we must ask this question – is this normal?

Earlier in the month of May, Meteorological Department had forecasted a normal rainfall and had said that we would have a good winter crop this time. However, what they did not say, or rather what they even did not know, was that this time monsoon could break the records of timing. The monsoon formally clocked itself on June 13, breaking a thirteen year record of early arrival. This was good; this was the best news anyone could have expected in times of double digit food inflation and exponentially rising crude oil prices.

The early home coming of the god of rain will not only increase the water table, but will also help farmers sow their crop before time, thereby helping them have earlier returns on their production. Plus the farmers will save on the electricity bills, because now they will not need to irrigate the crop manually. Hence, this above average monsoon can literally eradicate India’s food problem for the next three years, provided we do not export the surplus production. The early monsoon will also have some positive indirect implications. For instance, the electricity bill of our homes will come down significantly due to less use of air-conditioners and refrigerators. The early rainfall will also put a hold of the surging demand of portable water in the hot summer months. Clearly, all types of business activities that depend on monsoon will have a gala monsoon.

However, though the scene looks mostly green, there are some flaws in the management of humans! Due to early monsoon, the attacks of flies and insects on crops will be fiercer. Farmers are not yet prepared with seeds and fertilizers and they will have to hurry. The biggest brunt of the early rains will be faced by the fishermen because they will have to remain out of sea for a longer period of time.

The Department of Disaster Management has already said that this early arrival of monsoon has surprised them and that they are not yet prepared for any disaster. This means that the sewer lines are not yet cleaned nor are the dams repaired. Also, the seasonal rivers are blocked due to the construction activities. These all facts together show the glimpse of what disaster this early blessing of god can bring to the unprepared Indians. The fault is not of monsoon but of us humans. Therefore, the need of the hour is to start preparing for an above average monsoon so that this blessing can be retained as blessing and we may enjoy the season of love and romance.

Saurabh Sharma

[Image Source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/dani3l3/319478636/]