Hindi Music: A Trip Down Memory Lane


We live in the age of Internet. The way we consume music has radically changed over the past two decades. But, with so much new music being released every other day, it can be an onerous task to separate the good stuff from the bad. Even the good stuff doesn’t last. We’re bombarded with thousands of soundtracks every day. This means that good moments just fleet away in an instant; the new turns to old in an instant on the Internet.

Lately, we’ve read about a lot of people trashing Hindi music for its crass lyrics and production.  But few realize that there are numerous diamonds in this rough. It definitely is a surreal experience listening to a track with impeccable wordplay and lyrics. We give you a lowdown on some of the best lyrics in hindi music from the past decade.

  • Ik Bagal: Gangs of Wasseypur- Part 1: Lyricist Piyush Mishra does an immaculate job in weaving his words in this track.

Ik bagal mein chaand hoga, ik bagal mein rotiyaan ,iIk bagal neend hogi, ik bagal mein loriyaan
(There shall be the moon on side and bread on the other, there shall be sleep on one side and lullabies on the other)

The song has a lot of symbolism at play here. Chaand or moon refers to the spiritual angle of things, while Roti or bread refers to the physical worldly existence. Similarly, neend or sleep refers to salvation, while loriyaan or lullabies refer to materialistic pleasures. The singer says equipped with his worldly wisdom, he can trick his spiritual growth, and use his materialistic possessions to help him forget about gaining spiritual salvation.

  • Kaala Bandar: Delhi 6: Lyricist Prasoon Joshi is at his usual best in this track. Apart from talking about the obvious black monkey, he also draws parallels to the corruption that exists in our society.

Aao hum shisha dekhe , usme sandesha dekhe,

apna ghayal hissa dekhe, apna asli kissa dekhe

Ghonghat ki gehrai mein, par phailai kaun,

Jhak safed libason mein, kala sa sach maun hai

(choose le. Life ki bhaag le)…2

Thak jhank thak , dil mein bhi jhank le

Come let’s look into the mirror, and read the message it carries

Let’s look at our damaged parts, and watch our real story

In the depth of the drapes, who is this, with wings spread wide?

In spotless white garb, these dark lies are invaluable

Choose life and participate in it

Peep inside; look into your heart some time

Fact – the black monkey has a deeper meaning. It also refers to the corruption (black money) that exists in our society and how we, as citizens, are partly responsible for it too.

  • Aaj ke naam: Haider

Aaj ke naam, aur aaj ke ghum ke naam

Aaj ke ghum ke hai zindagi ke bhare

Gulistan se khafa zard patton ka ban

Zard patton ka ban, jo mera desh hai

Dard ki anjuman, jo mera desh hai

Dedicated to today,

And to the days filled with sorrow

Today’s pain has upset the blossoming flowers in this garden called life (taken away all the happiness of life)

My country resembles the state of dead yellow leaves

This land of sorrow that my place is

Fact – the ghazal is based on a nazm written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. In spite of being banned by the Pakistan government-controlled media, he was loved by millions in Pakistan and northern India

  • Yeh rishta- Meenaxi: A tale of three cities

Iss gumsum jheel ke panee me, koi motiya kar deta hai

Ek nay sawan me lagta hai, aur kadke aabar ban jata hai

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

In the calm waters of this melancholic lake, a pearl comes and falls

It starts to create a circular swirl which flows to become a whirlpool

What is this relationship called?

(This is an analogy to the still mind, when one memory or thought can stir a whirlwind of emotions)

Somesh Chandran

Image Source: [Google]