Hitman: Full Time Pass

alb5157.jpgSettling in to watch the movie, I expected nothing great off the movie. Disappointed by many video game inspired movies (Resident Evil: Extinction, Doom, Silent Hill and all the Lara Croft movies), I hoped that this adaptation will be treated with some respect.Fortunately for the viewers, the movie lives up to the excitement and the hype surrounding it.

The movie shows something which all Hitman fans wanted to know – how do they find these men. As the opening credits roll, with extremely apt music, the montage shows the training of young boys to do just one job- Kill!!

The ruthlessness of the men trained, is very cleverly depicted in a scene which shows a man who has explosives stuffed down his throat. The Hitman kills his mark without even entering the room by detonating the bomb from a vantage point.

The movie is one of the fast paced action thrillers where the viewer has to be as alert as the Hitman, in this case Timothy Olyphant (Die Hard: 4, First Wives Club).

Agent 47 has been assigned the task of assassinating the Russian President Mikhail Belicoff, publicly. Meanwhile, hot on his tail is Interpol agent Mike Whitter (Dougray Scott) who is trying to convince Yuri Marklov (Robert Knepper or “T-Bag” for all us Prison Break fans), a Russian agent, to let him deal with the “ghost” as he calls Agent 47.The Russian agent tries to pull off a raid at a hotel where Agent 47 is hiding. Amidst all the chaos, booby traps and some amazing stunts, he kills every single S.W.A.T agent sent in to take him out, but not before confronting his nemesis -Whitter. Agent 47 does manage to kill the president from a distance of 4 kms with a sniper rifle. The bullet passes through the nasal cavity, the President is down… or is he?? A news flash shows the president alive but shaken up, and now there is a hit called on Agent 47 by his own contractors called The Organization. We now follow Agent 47 on his journey where he attempts to vindicate himself. He gets help from unexpected quarters, a woman – the Russian president’s Mistress.

The movie is extremely fast paced and the running time is hardly 120 minutes. Olyphant excels as the cold and calculating Agent 47, his dry humour is a welcome relief from the corny dialogues we have now become accustomed to. The movie is driven by its SFX and mind numbing stunts. The locales shown are beautiful and made me envy the people on the set a little. The best scene is probably when Agent 47 fights Hitmen from his own organization at the train station.

The movie is, by no comparison, a work of art. But it is what I would like to call a delicious dose of a fast food movie. Load up on popcorn when you decide to watch it!!

Patanjali Pahwa