HitVijay Singh: A Mobile App To Take On Pongress

New Delhi. Striving hard to make an impact in the 2014 General Elections, the PJB on Thursday launched a hi-tech mobile app –Pong-ruption –to take on to the ministry at the Centre. The app, specially designed for the newly launched Akash2, will feature all the ghotalas (scams) under the Mohanman Pingh government.

“It has been very hard for the people to keep a tab on all the scams that the Centre has been responsible for. For this purpose, we are launching Pong-ruption“, said the party chief Nanha Kadari at the launch ceremony.

The app comes pre-installed in Akash2, and can be downloaded for free by Android and IOS users.

The interface of the app is user friendly and the navigation scheme is easy, with a search option starting from “Above 1 lakh crore” and ranging up to infinity. The app also features games like “Who is more corrupt?” and “HitVijay Singh”.

According to gaming experts at Tech-Munch, “HitVijay Singh” is going to be the biggest sensation after Angry Birds. The game comes in 24 levels and provides the players with multiple options to HitVijay Singh.

“You can hit him with a baseball bat, slap him tight, punch him in the face, throw a shoe at him, and play tabla on his head. It’s so much fun!” said the chief software developer, “The special effects and the background sounds of the game are amazing. You are surely going to love it.”

Shanky Farmwala, a gaming enthusiast from Farmville (a town in Facebook) said, “I wished the game was launched before Diwali. I wouldn’t have wasted thousands (of rupees) on crackers then. Nothing can be more fun than HitVijay Singh” [sic.]

Nana Sahib Mafkarey, a political supporter said, “Every time I see HitVijay Singh on TV, I feel like kicking him. Now that I’ll download this app, I would be able to hit him whenever I feel like. Shuu! Shaa! Thaa!”

Other than HitVijay Singh, Pong-ruption also features “Vanna’s Prophecy”, which is presumed to become a big hit among Vanna and Kejribal followers.

According to Nanha Kadgari, who has already reached advanced stages of “HitVijay Singh”, Pong-ruption will soon get featured in the Editor’s choice apps on iTunes.

We surely wish that it does sir; the other political parties definitely need to win at something, if not the elections.

Arjun Tulli

Image Source [http://www.flickr.com/photos/hejgustav/2648682803/sizes/m/]