untitled-1psd.jpg Ric Charlesworth’s appointment as the Technical Advisor of the Indian Hockey Federation, comes as a breath of fresh air in the stale environment and the condition in which the Indian Hockey functions. His selection is touted to be extremely important for the fate reversal of our Indian hockey team, whose performance has hit the rocks in recent times.

In his very first media interaction, Charlesworth has proved that he is worthy of the post and showed his mettle as an impressive tech-savvy advisor, something our players are in desperate need of. His presentation to the media and officials dealt with the changes required in the management and organization of Indian hockey in order to raise its standards and once again bring it at par with the top hockey playing nations of the world. It is important that Indian hockey achieves its goals, regains its identity once again and does not just bask in the glory of its past laurels and achievements. In contrast to the golden days of hockey way back in the 1980’s, a time when the team played an average of 60 matches a year, the performance and participation has come down to a mere 17 matches played this year.

Ric Charlesworth’s impressive record of driving the Australian Women Hockey Team to the Olympic Gold twice and being a member of the Olympic squad himself for five years speaks volume of his ability that could once again turn the tables for Indian hockey.

Among the several reasons for the declining popularity of the sport is the lack of initiatives, the ad-hoc manner in which the hockey officialdom functions, sheer ignorance of the pot-bellied politicians in charge of the game. However, with the much-hyped commonwealth Games round the corner, it is with much hope that one feels that the situation would be heading towards the better. The upcoming games have put enormous pressure not just on the players but also on the officials to raise the standards of the sport which has long been important and cherished by the nation. It is with much anticipation that one expects the Indian Hockey Team to be back where it belongs – On the Top!