IHL: The Revival Of Our National Sport


Hockey, a sport once ignored because of cricket has made its existence present after the launch HIL (Hockey India League). India was once considered to be playing one sport, hockey. The players were considered to be goal machine and India became the first non-European team to be a part of International Hockey Federation.

India became the only team to remain unbeaten in the Olympics for 28 years (1928-1956), bagging a record six gold medals.


Hockey India League made its impact straight away as it brought a golden chance for the young and trained Indian hockey players waiting for the big stage. Its format allowed Indian origin players to share the field with world class International players. Their dreams turned into reality as they played with the players whom they used to idolise.

Hockey leagues around Europe, which are quiet old are still not that successful if we compare them to HIL. This can merely be said by looking at the standard and the sponsors it gets. The more sponsors, the more economically stable the league gets.

This economic growth of the tournament also results in the higher salary and also higher base prices when it comes to auction of players by the franchise. It can still be said that there is no point to compare HIL with IPL (Indian Premier League), which is the costliest league in the world.

If we talk about the performance of our national team, India has also done well on the world stage since HIL.


The same Indian team failed to qualify for the Olympics in 2008 and finished 12th in 2012 London Olympics. The reason behind this can be a less rotation of players and relying on the big names to always deliver. It could have been a different scenario if there were available options for replacement (made available after HIL).

A massive change was seen in the performance of the national team and they have already qualified for the Rio Olympics. THANKS HIL.

Vishesh Sharma

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