Homophobic Attitudes Spur The Making Of A ‘Gay Checklist’


Do you feel rather neglected in your marriage? Do you feel your husband is cheating on you? Is your husband gay and has duped you into marrying him? Well, according to the American organization, Straight Spouse Network, there is way in which you can identify if your husband is straight or gay. Just follow the following checklist and find out the truth.

You can’t track his activities.

He uses the word “bisexual”.

He tells you about sexual abuse in his childhood/adolescence.

He watches porn movies with gay male scenes.

You find pop-ups of gay pornography on the computer.

He claims that he feels “trapped” in the marriage and won’t explain why.

He makes too many gay comments in conversations.

He admits to having a homosexual encounter in the past.

He visits gay bars claiming he’s there only to hang out with his gay friend.

Well, repugnant as it may be, such a checklist does exist! Subsequent to the suicide of the AIIMS anesthetist Priya Vedi, who accused her husband of being gay and mentally torturing her, The Telegraph published an article (along with the aforementioned checklist) to help women who are trapped in such marriages. Now, the question is not the sheer inanity of the suggestions, but the credibility of the same.

So, according to the checklist, gay men are supposed to be some sort of secret agents, whose activities cannot be tracked. Also, just the mere mention of “bisexual” should be enough to set the alarm bells chiming loud and clear. And, what on earth does “gay comments” mean? I guess, it would be highly enlightening if the checklist would elucidate on the way of deciphering the sexuality of a certain comment.

Encouraging the homophobia that looms large in a society like that of India’s, the pointers graduate into becoming scarier if not dangerous. The tone in which the suggestions are placed, homosexuality (and, in extension, bisexuality) appear to be diabolical, just by their mention. What I find totally unacceptable is that the article holds Priya Vedi’s husband as the norm and goes on to stereotype every gay men under one single umbrella.

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper