Though, history of homosexuals is Greek-old, it gained overt popularity in recent years. ‘Homosexual’ is a hybrid word formed from the Greek prefix homo (same), and the Latin root sex. This newly gained same sex amour has a mention in history pages of almost every country or region, be it, Qing dynasty Of China, or neighbourhoods Taiwan, Thailand. It was also the talk of Africa, North America, Persia, East Asia, Europe, South Pacific’s ancient pages. Though, it is a said that Indian history also has some mention of this kind of behavior in manuscripts but many deny it. In Persia, during the Safavid era (1501-1723), male houses of prostitution (amrad khane) were legally recognized and paid taxes. Today, governments in the Middle East often ignore and deny the existence of, homosexuality. It is a crime in many countries but six have nodded their heads in favour of homosexuality. The Netherlands was the first country to authorize same-sex marriage in 2001 and they are now also recognized in Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Spain, and the U.S. states of Massachusetts and Iowa, though Iowa’s issuance of marriage licenses is on hold until a Supreme Court appeal is heard. Israel’s High Court of Justice recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other countries, although it is still illegal to perform them within the country. Homosexual acts are punishable by death in some present-day countries including Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Homosexual relations are legally still a crime in India since British era considering it against the order of nature. The punishment ranges from ten years to lifelong imprisonment. Have you ever thought? Why?

Indian community is intrinsically soft; it has not compelled harsh measures on any issue, because of variety of communities representing individualistic political and social interests. Some, may favour the issue some may not, as government has to lend ears to every interest. But strong chastisement, which Iran shows is not displayed, here, as sentiments of many people are involved. This is the reason, news of punishments for such behavior have not struck our ear drums and laws not refined since then. Role of punishment was namesake——– the two girls eloping together were caught by cops and handed to their parents, though they were at legal age.

Once a journalist enquired our PM Dr. Manmohan Singh on gay wedlock laws.

His reply was that “there would not be much appreciation for a law like that in India,” and he went on to talk about how they were culturally very different societies. How far is that true? Our society is mingled with hues of cultures, at one place its so western that reality shows like Splitsvilla on MTV is aired where twenty hot girls are asked to ogle at two boys to win the prize money and they ooze out their sensuality which I am sure won’t be acceptable to many people in our country. And, then at the same time we talk about a girl child being married forcefully to a 40 year old man in some desert without her prior consent. What an unfair and uneven patches of lifestyle we perceive here.

When a high profile celebrity’s same-sex marriage, such as that of designer Wendell Rodericks with his French partner, can take place under French law in Goa, India, without much ado. Why can’t we accept the liaisons of all those who want to express their love in a slightly different manner, not because they want to, but because they are the offsprings of the same “nature”.

Their behavior may be promiscuous in privacy which is their right, but they act as responsible citizens on streets and if they don’t then, look at those normal people who are found perching on beaches and behind the bushes expressing unacceptable conduct. But display of homosexual behaviour is genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences.

There is growth, per se, but we need growth in our mindsets too.

If marriages are legalized then there can be peace and harmony in country, they won’t seek refuge in other countries. There can be some problem with children getting adjusted to the fact of their same sex parents, but if it’s adopted as a way of life many will get adapted to the same.

A boy who underwent a transgender operation into a girl says “I feel free to be me.” as quoted by India Today. When people get freedom from such things, we are no one to cage them in our thoughts.

There is a vibrant gay nightlife in cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, including discos and nightclubs. Time Out (Delhi) has a dedicated column covering gay events in Delhi every week. . The Internet has created a prolific gay cyber culture for the South Asian community. Gay dating sites such as GayDia and IndusGay provide an alternative way for meeting people; online communities like GayBombay offer a safe and convenient environment for meeting gays all around India.

In 2005, Prince Manavendra Singh Gohil from a conservative principality in the Gujarat state publicly came out as gay, disinherited as an immediate reaction by the royal family, but they eventually reconciled.

When people of India themselves are accustomed to the fact, then why government is ruling out. Many celebrities have become the radicals of change in this matter naming few- Amrtya Sen, Vikram Seth, Brinda Karat, and many more. Our media also encourages the subject by discussions with mogul people. Making movies on them, or overtly bringing them out in open with jokes and laughter shows. I am not advocating homosexuality but asking to give them space ,if not peace. Otherwise rulers make the rule and we just bow down.

Poornima Katyal

[Image source:http://www.afrol.com/images/symbols/gay_men_irin.jpg]