Homosexuality: An Uncomfortable Truth

HomosexualityHomosexuality: what does one understand by this term? Homo=same, so that makes it same sexuality. It probably does not sound that embarrassing on paper, but utter this word in front of some people & be sure of getting a nasty smirk or possibly a weird glance or two as well. So this is the hypocrisy we live with. Our country has the richest history of the presence of homosexuality Be it books like the Kamasutra or the Khajuraho temples, Indian culture has never treated sexuality like a taboo..

A country where gay nightclubs are booming, a country where homosexual help lines are on an increase, where more & more people are bemoing comfortable with their sexual identity. That country refuses to accept homosexuals as a part of the society.The hypocrisy does not end here. We disgrace Shabana Azmi for doing a movie like Fire, we rip apart its posters, almost burn down the theatres showing it, all because it showcases something that no one has dared to show till now. We still question Amrita Arora in every interview, if she regrets doing a film like Girlfriend. We laugh at Elton John when he marries his long time boyfriend.

And add this all up to the constant fear these people live with. The fear of what may be coming at them next, their lives are at the mercy of an ever-changing public opinion. Many people have come out of the closet about their sexuality, but what about those thousands who never speak about their sexual preference for fear of rejection or bringing shame to the family?

They don’t have anyone to understand them, anyone to support them, they have to live their lives like criminals. If this is the fate of one of the growing sections of society, then we don’t have any other option but to pity ourselves.