Homosexuality: Let’s accept it

It does happen most of the times, that we fill our minds with stuff that we are never sure of; stuff that just amuses us, stuff that we are highly inquisitive about, stuff that we have no idea about, but yet we make up our minds to believe it. Here, I bring up the very hyped up and mysterious lives of the homosexuals.


The life of a homosexual is indeed is as normal as the sun rising in the morning. We people, who have decided to listen to a group of people in our very own nations respectively, who refuse to provide equal status to the homosexuals and ill-treat them by engaging in name calling and pelting stones on them etc., and make them feel like they don’t belong here. Is this the reason we were brought down to earth? Is this why Gandhiji fought to let India and the Indians lead free? This very thought ponders in my mind, making me feel miserable that I, sitting here, writing this article, have not been able to do anything about it.


The gay communities are picking up their stride and are opening up to the world about their sexual orientation, which I see as a great step towards their betterment. In a country like India, where we have often seen people of the third sex, and it is a matter of pride that these people are now given equal rights and are respected in our society, whether it be for fear of them cursing us, but in turn, it has proved good for them.


In India these days, we see a lot of people who have opened up about their homosexuality and are brave enough to walk through the problems they face in the society. Still, there remain large numbers of people who just are scared to confess it, due to the fear of being rejected.


Just to think it over, I would like to ask; what is it that sets them apart? What is it that makes us draw a border around them?


The core answer is ‘attraction’. It is a natural behavior of any living being to be attracted to someone, and I know that we understand it very well, but when we hear about a person being attracted to some belonging to the same sex, it creates a negative vibe in our mind. We still have not digested the fact here.


It is a fear, an image that has been created in our minds, which tells us “stay away, they might pounce on you”. To me, this comes across as injustice; a complete scene of insensitivity.


We in India believe that the US sets an example for us. We in India try aping the Americans, we in India are foolish to overlook the very aspect of their success; the power of acceptance.


Each one of us, being a part of the ‘n’ billion population of India, and most of us lie in the age of choosing our national leaders. If we have such great power, then we have within us the even the power to change, to believe in and to scream aloud and say, “Yes, I accept”.

Anindita Kannan

[Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dave77459/325267980/]