How Are We Doing Post Independence?

Imagining scenes where young men, women and old ones went out to the street shouting their vocal chords off seems extremely frenzied, at least from today’s perspective. But few decades ago, that was a common scenario. Committed efforts of millions of Indians, from the small insignificant pursuits to those that challenged the might of the British Empire directly, gave us the single most dazzling moment in the pages of history.

Since then, free India has been on the path of resurrection and nation building, sprawling into decades of multi-dimensional contributions from all sections of the society. If independence was unimaginably eluding, times after that were not easier. Burdened with devastated lands and responsibilities of national significance in infancy, politics had a marked role to play. Along came Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru with his ever calming influence and all-positive attitude that changed the face of the nation in just a few years. His term of 14 years as Prime Minister was the most challenging and he led India gracefully through all pursuits. The fervor of the common man to make India’s global presence felt, went a long way in propelling India to where it stands today. The initial period of jitters was followed by years of settling political control.

Eventually, we marched in to the new millennium with loads of options and requirements. The biggest challenge facing us was the explosive population rate which shot up exponentially since the 90s and we were found wanting in many areas. The masses and their needs increased and put heavy pressure on the resources. But then we have fared considerably better than it seems on paper. From a time when the problem seemed to engulf all prosperity, we are today self-sufficient when it comes to food production. Availability is sufficiently greater than the demand and food security is one of the most remarkable achievements of a growing nation, especially when the numbers are growing beyond count.

Also, we have made excellent use of the opportunities in all other areas that make up a healthy social life. Education is on an all-time high, as the realms of openings has widened. People from all sections of the society have been aptly represented and separate means of education has been designed from higher to primary learning for the under-privileged ones. No better form of democracy and independence has been implemented in our history. Some even remark this to be the best era that one can be born in. Learning has been revived with the transformation of it into a field that allows free expression of thoughts and ideas in speech and print (A great change from the dominant pre-freedom times). This renaissance alone is powerful enough to paint a picture of a self-dependent nation.

Coupled with it is the booming film industry, which today is scripting unprecedented stories. The courage shown by filmmakers mark the level of freedom our minds has acquired by means of implicit directives, imbibed by years of deliverance from servitude. Whereas movies were considered just a part of recreation in the not-so-distant-past, today it has become the most powerful canvas for launching novel ideas and thoughts. Social issues and prevailing circumstances are diplomatically targeted by the celluloid more often than ever before. The speed and depth with which a film inspires common man is far greater than that of books and speech.

A powerful weapon in the armor of our nation today is the media. Increased means of representation for the common man is the direct outcome of the rapid growth of digital media, established over the past few years. TV channels not only provided news in retrospection, they also help in creating awareness among masses on obscure issues that deserve public attention. The weak counsel of a few people can take on the might of organizations with the aid of the media at their disposal.

But there is one area that still deserves more attention in the race to achievement. Human feelings, emotions and morals actually get trampled by all in the name of progress and development. In the bid to become significant names in the annals of the local society or the world, common man is influenced by immoral acts. Bribery, nepotism and other self-centered measures are a loophole that must be corrected if India is to become strong within its foundations. A nation’s strength is measured by its citizens. The country is indeed rising high in terms of GDP nets and economic influence on the global arena; it is not long time that we become the “cynosure of all eyes”.

Arindham Chakroborty

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